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MultiGas FTIR Gas Analyzer
MultiGas 2030G FTIR Gas Analyzer
MultiGas 2030G On-line FTIR Gas Analyzer
15 Weeks
15 Weeks
MultiGas FTIR Gas Analyzer
MultiGas 2030 10 Hz FTIR Gas Analyzer
MultiGas 2030 10Hz FTIR Gas Analyzer
15 Weeks
15 Weeks
MultiGas FTIR Gas Analyzer
MultiGas 2031 Purity FTIR Gas Analyzer
MultiGas 2031 Purity FTIR Gas Analyzer, for Real-Time Trace Impurity Detection
MultiGas FTIR Gas Analyzer
MultiGas™ 2030 1065-Ready
MultiGas™ 2030 1065-Ready Engine & Vehicle Emissions Measurement and Certification Analyzer
MultiGas FTIR Gas Analyzer
MultiGas™ 2030 LV 1065-Ready
MultiGas™ 2030 LV 1065-Ready, 5 Hz Engine & Vehicle Emissions, Low Volume Gas Cell
MultiGas FTIR Gas Analyzer
MultiGas™ 2030 CEM-Cert
MultiGas™ 2030 CEM-Cert Continuous Emissions Monitoring, MGS300 Certification
MultiGas FTIR Gas Analyzer
MultiGas™ 2030 CEM
MultiGas™ CEM, Continuous Emissions Monitoring


  • Type
    FTIR Analyzer
  • Measurement Technique
    FTIR Spectrometry
  • Measurable Gases & Vapors
    Most molecules except for He, Ar, N2, H2, and O2
  • Measurable Range
    Concentration setting between 10ppb and 100% Full Scale
  • FTIR
    2102 Process FTIR
  • Spectral Resolution
    0.5 – 16 cm-1
  • Scan Speed
    1 scan/sec @ 0.5 cm-1
  • Scan Time
    1 - 300 sec
  • Infrared Source
    Silicon Carbide
  • Reference Laser
    Helium Neon (15798.2 cm-1)
  • Detector
    LN-cooled MCT; TE-cooled MCT
  • Purge Pressure
    20 psig (1.5 bar) max.
  • Spectrometer Purge Flow
    0.2 L/min of dry nitrogen or CO2 free clean dry air with dewpoints below -70°C
  • Optics Purge Flow
    0.2 L/min of dry nitrogen or CO2 free clean dry air with dewpoints below -70°C
  • Pressure Transducer
    MKS Baratron capacitance manometer
  • Purge Connection
    Swagelok quick connect
  • Communication
    RJ-45 Ethernet
  • Dimensions
    17.5 x 12.5 x 25.5 in. (width, height, depth)
  • Power Requirements
    120 or 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3 Amps
  • Weight
    110 lbs. (50 kg)
  • Sample Temperature
    Ambient to 191°C (calibration temperature dependent)
  • Sample Flow
    0.2 - 60 LPM (model code dependent)
  • Sample Pressure
    0.01 - 4 atm (calibration pressure dependent)
  • Gas Cell Materials
    Nickel coated Al, Welded 316 stainless steel optional, dursan coating
  • Fittings
    0.25 in. Swagelok, 0.25 in. VCR
  • Tubing
    Heated 0.25 in. stainless steel, Heated 0.375 in. stainless steel
  • Mirrors
    Nickel plated aluminum substrate, with rugged gold coating
  • Windows
    ZnSe, CaF, BaF2, (others available)
  • O-rings
    Kalrez, Viton (others available)


MultiGas 2030 Innovations

MultiGas 2030 Analyzer is composed of a 2102 Process FTIR Spectrometer, our patented, high-optical-throughput sampling cell, applications-specific analysis software, and an instrument independent quantitative spectral library. It collects high-resolution infrared spectra which are analyzed using the quantitative spectral library. This provides an accurate, highly sensitive measurement of most gases and vapors.

MultiGas 2030 software features multi-point calibration curves that provide a dynamic range up to 9 orders of magnitude (ppb to 100%). Calibrations for many species are provided with the instrument, and additional calibrations can be generated by the user from gases of known concentration. Utilities in the software verify the performance of each instrument, which allows a calibration generated on one MultiGas 2030 Analyzer to be used on any other MultiGas™ 2030 Analyzer without alteration.

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