ISO-MF and ISO-BF Vacuum Flange Components

ISO large flange vacuum fittings and components are commonly referred to as ISO-MF (multi-fastener flange), ISO-LF (large flange), ISO-K, ISO-BF (bolted flange) ISO Universal, or as plain "ISO" flanges. Our Series 76 ISO vacuum components are a quick operating modular system for vacuum construction with flanging ranging from 2.5 to 24 inches (NW63 to NW630). There are several advantages in the use of ISO flange components. One advantage is that the flange is "sexless." The seal is on a symmetrical centering ring that interfaces with two identical flanges. In addition, ISO vacuum flanges are more compact than ASA flanges, which were designed for pressure and are unnecessarily massive for vacuum use. Since these flanges are an ISO standard, they can be used with components from other manufacturers. Applications for the ISO components include piping for remote pumping systems and clean rooms, roughing and foreline plumbing for large systems, high vacuum/high conductance interconnections, and frequently changed systems.