Guiding Principles

At MKS, we follow four guiding principles—these are the values that we aspire to live and work by every day.

Growth illustration


We strive to deliver sustainable and profitable growth by focusing on three key areas: solving our customer’s most critical problems, identifying and investing in high growth areas, and leading in financial performance.

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We believe in the power of collaboration. To win as a team, we encourage decisionmakers to work together and think holistically about the impact of each choice on the enterprise, the group, and individual team members.

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Innovation requires a blend of curiosity and courage. We empower our people to question, challenge, and think beyond what we've always done. "What if" is a welcomed phrase at MKS. Our teams are always exploring new ideas and approaches to drive an accelerated cadence and inspire breakthroughs; we stay vigilant for new opportunities and potential disruptions.

Ownership illustration


We all have a stake in our company's success, reflected in our commitment to our customers and suppliers. We focus on being accountable at both the team and individual levels, and we strive for continuous improvement to ensure we deliver with excellence every day.

Stakeholder Relationships

Relationships matter, and we build ours on a solid foundation of integrity and trust. How we run our business, including our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) activities, is directly related to our core values and our stakeholder expectations. We ensure these activities are aligned and supported across our organization.

Our Key Stakeholders Include:


When customers have complex problems to solve, they turn to us for solutions. We have a long history of partnering with our customers and have cultivated a culture of technical and application collaboration. We’re engaged in our customers’ strong pipelines and new programs.


One difference between a good and a great company is the people. We invest in empowering our people to be leaders and thinkers who push the envelope on new ideas and innovation. We honor mutual respect and constructive candor and are committed to diversity and inclusion. We know that our dedicated, talented, and creative team differentiates us from competitors and give us a competitive advantage.


We also partner closely with our suppliers. It’s the way we do business and it’s our investment in ensuring that our supply chain can deliver critical products when our customers need them.


Our shareholders have invested in MKS and it is our fiduciary responsibility to deliver positive financial results.