Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

A Message from our President & CEO

I am pleased to present our second annual ESG report, which highlights the progress we have made on our commitments to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. This year, we changed the name of our program from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to ESG to reflect changes in nomenclature we’ve seen across our stakeholders and investors. However, whether called CSR or ESG, our commitment to operating our business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, in tandem with our employees, customers, suppliers and communities, remains unwavering.

For MKS, achieving a more sustainable future means drawing upon our culture of human ingenuity to solve problems and deliver solutions. Cutting edge science and engineering are starting points for us. Equally important is how we listen, collaborate, and solve our customers’ hardest technology challenges by working together. We are inspired to build trust through collaboration and to embrace the diverse talent necessary to accomplish our goals.

In August, we acquired Atotech Limited, a global leader in process chemicals, equipment, software and services for printed circuit boards, semiconductor IC packaging and surface finishing. With roots going back to the 1800s, Atotech has a rich history of innovation as a key enabler of electronic device advancement and next generation technologies across a wide array of industries that are critical to our daily lives.

We are pleased to have the Atotech team join MKS. Like us, Atotech is committed to bringing environmental sustainability and social responsibility to the forefront of its operations as well as its customer value proposition, and we look forward to reaching new heights in our ESG journey together. While this ESG report focuses mainly on MKS’ performance in 2021, and therefore does not include Atotech, we intend to present future updates and reports on a consolidated basis as one company.

Our key ESG achievements in this report include:

  • Instituting a formal Global MKS Management System for Environmental, Health, and Safety (MEHS) to protect MKS’ employees, other stakeholders, and the environment. We are implementing this strong foundation for MKS’ corporate Environmental Health and Safety system in a stepwise process across the organization into 2026.
  • Expanding our data collection of environmental metrics to cover 95% of our total operational electric usage (excluding recently acquired Atotech)
  • Expanding disclosure of Scope 3 emissions and tracking additional Scope 3 categories (excluding recently acquired Atotech) to understand our emissions impact across our value chain.
  • Expanding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I)-specific training to MKS leaders around the world and expanded diversity training to all employees globally.
  • Setting DE&I goals for executives.
  • Conducting an analysis of our global employees’ compensation that resulted in equitable pay for our employees.
  • Rolling out our first annual employee engagement survey with encouraging results across several key categories.

As we look ahead, we believe a key driver of our success continues to be building relationships with our stakeholders on a foundation of integrity, trust, and collaboration. Over the past few years, MKS’ business has evolved, and with the acquisition of Atotech, continues to grow in ways that we believe drive value for our stakeholders. While there have been many exciting developments at MKS, one goal remains the same: developing products that enable our customers to be more successful, our planet more sustainable, and our communities safer and more productive. We look forward to sharing what is to come.

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John T.C. Lee
President & Chief Executive Officer

Environmental, Social, Governance Report

MKS is built on integrity and trust. We are proud of our leadership foundation and values focused on a commitment to our people, our society, and the environment.

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