Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

A Message from our President & CEO

At MKS our vision is to enable technologies that transform our world. We have a long history of leveraging our collective curiosity to understand and develop solutions that spur progress and economic development by solving the technology challenges of tomorrow.

MKS' mission is to be the innovation leader and trusted partner who pushes the boundaries of possibility. Our success has been built upon our ability to work closely with our customers to understand their critical issues and then develop the appropriate solutions together. We are delighted to share with you our first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report, which highlights our commitment to environmental, social, and governance issues.

2020 was a trying and complex year. Unprecedented challenges arose - from a global pandemic to a pivotal awakening to the realities of systemic racism. 2020 tested our corporate mission and guiding principles and made us reassess our commitments to our stakeholders. Our foremost priorities continue to be supporting the safety and well-being of our global workforce and fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in our work places. To that end, we implemented COVID-19 safety protocols and shifted to a "work from home" environment for a significant portion of our workforce. In 2020, our leaders around the globe completed a diversity training program and our goal is to extend diversity training to all our employees. We also embarked on several initiatives to drive more diversity in our external hiring - and we are already seeing positive results.

We acknowledge that the effects of climate change will continue to cause costly disruptions to our society. We are proud of the broad range of applications for our products. In particular, our products contribute to driving positive environmental and social impact and progress, including through supporting the development of renewable energy infrastructure, enhancing public health and safety, and increasing energy and water efficiencies in certain production processes. Our products enable our customers to be more successful, our planet more sustainable, and our communities safer and more productive.

This is our first year reporting on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, energy usage, and water usage, and we intend to continue to improve our data collection and reporting. We plan to evaluate setting environmental targets and developing programs for environmental and social management as we collect more data from our operations.

We believe it is critical to create relationships with our stakeholders that support responsible and ethical business practices, conduct, and compliance, which in turn benefits our employees, our environment, and our business.

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John T.C. Lee
President & Chief Executive Officer

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

MKS is built on integrity and trust. We are proud of our leadership foundation and values focused on a commitment to our people, our society, and the environment.

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