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MKS Instruments enables technologies that transform our world. We deliver foundational technology solutions to leading edge semiconductor manufacturing, electronics and packaging, and specialty industrial applications. We apply our broad science and engineering capabilities to create instruments, subsystems, systems, process control solutions and specialty chemicals technology that improve process performance, optimize productivity and enable unique innovations for many of the world’s leading technology and industrial companies. We are organized in three divisions: Vacuum Solutions, Photonics Solutions and Materials Solutions.

Vacuum Solutions Division

MKS provides advanced automation solutions including controllers and I/O devices, software and analytics for Industry 4.0 and smart factory automation, and custom control systems. The MKS automation portfolio enables advanced process control by providing EtherCAT® connectivity, programmable safety, multi-zone temperature control, edge analytics, and IoT/cloud connectivity.

MKS provides fiber-optic sensing solutions for high-precision measurement of temperature and position in extreme environments with high RF power, high temperature, vacuum, plasma and reactive gases. Our sensors provide access to more comprehensive data in environments where traditional electrical sensors are unreliable, while our probes help achieve the highest measurement accuracy and repeatability over a wide temperature range.

MKS provides gas flow and delivery products including mass flow controllers, mass flow meters, and in-situ mass flow verifiers to precisely measure and control gas flow. Upstream pressure controllers with integrated mass flow meters provide pressure measurement and control while monitoring mass flow rates for critical process applications. MKS flow ratio controllers accurately and repeatedly divide gas flows into precise flow streams.

MKS provides gas analysis solutions for real-time vacuum quality control, contamination detection, process monitoring, and compositional analysis. Products offered include residual gas analyzers (RGAs), process RGA systems, atmospheric pressure mass spectrometers, and optical gas analyzers. MKS also offers flexible and scalable software platforms to leverage sensor data and enable powerful process optimization and monitoring capabilities for advanced manufacturing environments.

MKS provides remote plasma systems (RPS) and ozone generators that create reactive gas species. Our RPS systems generate fluorine, oxygen, and hydrogen radicals and our Cleanline® Foreline Plasma Clean System generates radicals from gases containing oxygen and fluorine. Our ozone generators produce ultra-pure, high concentration ozone gas from oxygen. Our dissolved gas delivery systems supply ozonated water, dissolved CO2, and dissolved NH3. In addition, microwave plasma delivery subsystems are available in 1.8 or 3 kW and provide safe delivery of radical species to the wafer.

MKS provides high reliability radio frequency (RF) and microwave power delivery systems, providing energy to various etching, stripping, and deposition processes. Our RF generators deliver solid state power from low to very high frequencies (VHF) and combined with our Impedance Matching Network provide a complete RF delivery system. Our industrial microwave generators and systems generate power levels from 1 to 75 kW and are adaptable to a wide range of applications.

MKS Baratron® capacitance manometers provide highly accurate and repeatable direct pressure measurement and are insensitive to gas composition. In addition, MKS has a wide range of indirect pressure sensors, transducers and modules that use hot and cold cathode, Piezo and Pirani gauge technologies. These products measure pressure in corrosive and noncorrosive environments over 14 decades of range from above atmospheric to ultra-high vacuum.

MKS provides a variety of vacuum valves including butterfly valves for pressure control, isolation valves and gate valves. Heated and unheated configurations are available as well as specialty valves for high cycle count and highly corrosive environments. In addition, MKS provides integrated vacuum solutions including effluent management with heater jackets and controllers, process traps, virtual walls, and integrated vacuum measurement and control assemblies .

Photonics Solutions Division

MKS provides a wide range of high precision motion control products including linear and rotation stages, hexapods, controllers, Piezos and industrial OEM sub-assemblies. Our vibration isolation solutions, specialized light sources, laser power measurement and beam characterization instruments, optical to electrical converters, solar simulators and laser diode control are used in photonics applications. Products used to mount, position, or support optical components and systems are also part of the MKS offering.

MKS develops and manufactures advanced pulsed and continuous wave diode-pumped solid-state, fiber and hybrid fiber lasers for precision applications. Pulse widths span nanosecond, picosecond, and femtosecond, and wavelengths range from infrared and visible to the ultraviolet.

MKS provides precision optical components and complex lens assemblies across the infrared, visible and ultraviolet spectrum. In addition to custom subsystem solutions, products include optical filters, thin film coatings, high performance gratings, replicated mirrors including free-form designs, windows, spherical, aspherical, cylindrical, and free-form lenses, laser optics, refractive, reflective, catadioptric optical assemblies on a build-to-print or build-to-spec basis, and off-the-shelf high-performance IR thermal imaging lenses including continuous zoom lenses.

MKS provides laser systems for the creation of blind micro vias necessary for the manufacturing of printed circuit boards (flexible, rigid-flexible, multi-layer, and high-density interconnect PCBs) and package substrates. MKS solutions help manufacturers optimize production of the materials, components and systems that are an integral part of the electronic devices in use today. They deliver greater flexibility and a higher degree of processing control, enabling customers to incorporate a wider range of materials into their production processes. Our ESB solutions also include high-volume, multi-layer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) test systems for ultra-small form factor MLCCs used mainly in smartphones and other electronics manufacturing and large chip MLCCs used mainly in automotive and communications infrastructure applications.

Materials Solutions Division

MKS provides advanced chemical processes, production equipment, and software solutions for the manufacturing of printed circuit boards, package substrates, and wafer manufacturing used in smartphones, computers, other consumer electronics, server and data centers, automotive electronics, medical, and industrial industries.

MKS provides chemical processes and equipment for decorative and functional surface finishing including decorative corrosion-protective, and wear-resistant coatings for automotive, construction, energy, household appliance and heavy machinery industries. We also provide chemical processes for paint applications including pretreatment, stripping and overspray treatment for automotive and household appliances and related industries.

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