University Support from MKS Instruments

MKS Instruments values the University community, offering valuable support for building systems and refining processes, including exclusive discounts, a wide range of products, support, and technical know-how.

Exclusive University Discounts

MKS Instruments offers significant discounts on standard list pricing to college & university customers:

Contact your local MKS Instruments Sales and Application Specialist for more information.

Remember: These discounts are only available for qualified colleges and universities that request them.


Custom Vacuum Manufacturing

MKS is uniquely positioned to offer extensive clean assembly, vacuum and precision engineering products and services to University customers including pumpkits, manifolds, valves, heaters, gauges, process piping, gauge manifold kits, effluent management subsystems and custom-manufactured vacuum chambers, tanks, and vessels.

Learn more about MKS Instruments' custom manufacturing capabilities.

Custom Gas Panel

24x7 Product Support

University customers have unique service needs, and MKS offer a variety of service options to support our products after purchase, including email and telephone troubleshooting and support, and installation assistance, and calibration and repair services.

Learn more about MKS Service and Support.

An Expansive Technical Library

MKS Instruments maintains a vast library of technical information, including application notes with important product information for various applications, product data sheets, specifications, and diagrams, gas correction factors for thermal-based mass flow controllers and ionization vacuum gauges, operation/maintenance manuals, process solutions, and technical papers on a wide range of technologies.

Visit the MKS Technical Library now.