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AX8415 Ultra High Concentration, High Flow Ozone Generator
Ozone Gas Generator, 2.5 - 50 slm, Ultra Clean, High Concentration, High Flow
6 Weeks
6 Weeks


  • Type
    Ozone Gas Generator
  • Ozone Output
    up to 425 g/Nm3
  • Flow Rate
    2.5 - 50 slm
  • Feed Gas
    Oxygen: Grade 6 or better O2
    Nitrogen (Optional): 100 ppm Grade 5 or better N2
  • Ambient Temperature
    10 - 40°C (50 - 104°F)
  • Nominal Cell Pressure (Delivery)
    15 - 45 psig (100 - 310 kPa)
  • Pressure
    Maintain process pressure at 20 - 50 psig
  • Control Interface
    Front panel control and remote operation
  • Cooling Water Temperature
    5 - 25°C (41 - 77°F)
  • Cooling Water Filtration
    100 microns
  • Cooling Water Quality
    Resistivity ≥ 50 kΩ/cm
  • Minimum Water Flow
    9.4 lpm (2.5 gpm)
  • Voltage Requirements
    208 VAC (±10%) 3Ø & GND, no neutral
  • Current Requirements
    20 Amp
  • Frequency
    50/60 Hz
  • Weight
    46.3 kg (102 lbs)
  • Dimensions
    483 x 445 x 267 mm (19.0 x 17.5 x 10.5 in)
  • Compliance
    CE, SEMI S2-0302, SEMI F47, UL 61010-1, CAN/CSA-61010-1


Highest Concentrations of Ultra Clean Ozone

The technology designed into the AX8415 is the basis of this generator’s versatility. Ozone is used by the electronics industry in the formation of CVD and ALD thin films, oxide growth, photoresist removal and multiple cleaning applications. The AX8415 has the capability to support all these applications by producing the highest concentrations of ultra clean ozone with or without the addition of nitrogen as a dopant gas. Removing the minute amount of nitrogen used in the formation of ozone eliminates the formation of NOx compounds, if required for a given application.

Direct Replacement for AX8407

The unique features and benefits of the AX8415 position it as a direct replacement for the industry leading AX8407 ozone generator. The form factor and connections required to produce and control ozone generation on the AX8415 are exactly the same as the AX8407. The superior performance of AX8415 is immediately available for all applications qualified with the AX8407 ozone generator.

Performance Chart — Typical ozone output with 100 ppm N2

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