Employee Development Opportunities

Great people make all the difference between a good company and a great company. We invest in empowering our people to be leaders and thinkers who push the envelope on new ideas and innovation.

Talent Development

  • Our performance management process includes performance feedback and career development discussions that are dynamic and actionable throughout the year.
  • We conduct annual succession planning for key positions.
  • We rolled out a cohort-based diversity training course for our top 125 leaders.
  • We are enhancing our line leadership program that emphasizes management basics and compliance to local laws and customs.
  • We developed a Management Academy, a series of courses designed to support our employees as they advance in management and have launched two courses through this program: Management Foundations and Management Essentials We are launching a Leadership Academy - Emerging Leaders one-year program focused on high potential managers and senior managers
  • We offer virtual speed mentoring sessions to provide mentees with opportunities to meet multiple mentors throughout the company, develop internal connections, and pose career development questions.
  • We provide financial support for college and graduate education for US employees.
  • In addition, we offer access to online learning for all employees in local languages to help further the careers of our entire workforce.

Employee Engagement

  • In 2021, MKS rolled out our first global employee engagement survey. The results of this survey will be thoroughly assessed, and key takeaways will be shared with the CEO and the executive leadership team to drive the company's employee engagement survey moving forward.
  • MKS conducted a number of check-ins through employee surveys, to help management understand the challenges and opportunities created by working from home during COVID-19. This provided valuable feedback on how employees were handling the changes and how management could increase engagement with employees. Based on the survey, we offered training courses focusing on working and managing remotely. In addition, we conducted a summer pilot of a "no meetings Friday" policy. After a follow-on survey, the decision was made to implement "no meetings Friday" for the remainder of COVID-19.
  • Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, CEO John Lee has provided regular written and video communications to the global workforce, initially weekly and more recently biweekly. MKS also established a formal mechanism for employees to share concerns and questions and receive answers related to the COVID-19 pandemic. An online site was created to provide regular updates by location, as well as updates on company communication, videos from leaders and updates on new policies, such as Flexible Work.
  • Executive management conducts quarterly calls with employees around the world to help ensure employees are connected to the progress of the company.


We are invested in developing future technical talent.

  • In 2017 we began working with a local vocational tech school in Lawrence, MA, providing hands-on experience to local high school students to help them develop critical life skills while still in high school.
  • In 2019 we entered into an exciting partnership with University of Massachusetts, Lowell to employ Co-Op students every semester to support the growth and practical learning of students.


We are proud to say that we consistently maintain turnover below market in all regions in which we have sites.

Orientation and Training

The Human Resources Department conducts an employee orientation during which new employees are presented with an overview of our company vision and mission, goals, philosophy, organizational structure, personnel policies and procedures, safety policies and employee benefits. Eligible new employees may sign up for benefits at orientation. Other training may be mandated based upon job role, location, or other specific criteria. A new employee's immediate manager will arrange for any specific training required to enable the employee to perform effectively.

Compensation Philosophy

MKS is committed to providing total compensation packages that attract, motivate, and retain our talented employees. Additionally, MKS is committed to recognizing and rewarding an individual’s sustained performance, results and the skills and competencies needed and valued by MKS. MKS is committed to ensuring that our total compensation packages are externally competitive while supporting business plans and strategies. This includes an annual performance bonus and/or profit sharing program for most employees.

Health and Wellness Program for Employees and Eligible Family Members

MKS understands the importance of the health and wellness of our employees and their families. We offer all MKS employees and eligible family members a full range of health and wellness programs, as well as many clinical and administrative services, through the Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) Health Advocate. Eligible family members include spouses, dependent children, parents and parents-in-law. Employees and eligible family members are able to find a wide selection of tools online or by contacting a counselor directly.

Assistance is available 24/7 for personal, family and work issues such as:

  • Grief, loss, depression
  • Relationship issues, divorce
  • Job stress, burnout, work/life balance
  • New baby, adoption, eldercare
  • Financial and legal issues, retirement, identity theft
  • Addiction, eating disorders, mental illness

Formal Grievance Procedures

Our people are a top priority, and our Open-Door Policy helps ensure that all voices will be heard. This policy is incorporated into all our employee handbooks and is part of other important policies such as Equal Employment Opportunity and Harassment Prevention. Our Open-Door Policy has both formal and informal communications options. As part of this policy, we encourage employees to reach out to any member of management or Human Resources to raise concern, or complaints. We encourage all employees to talk problems over with their direct manager first. However, in difficult situations it may be challenging for an employee to approach his or her immediate manager directly. In these such cases, the employee may approach Human Resources or any member of management up to and including the President and CEO. For all cases, Human Resources will use discretion in deciding whether to refer the matter back to the employee’s immediate manager or to take other appropriate action. In all cases, employee concerns will be handled in a timely manner and confidentiality will be maintained to the maximum extent possible. In addition, in certain countries, employee’s may also have access to Worker’s Council and/or union representation.

Employee Recognition

In 2020, we launched a pilot Employee Recognition and Reward Program for all U.S. employees that allows recognition by peers and by managers for exceptional performance and significant contributions to MKS. Employees are encouraged to nominate co-workers who display MKS' Guiding Principles and nominated employees are rewarded via a third-party point-based system. We will be exploring the extension of this program globally in 2022.