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smartpower 2440-2470 mhz intelligent microwave generator
Microwave Power Generator, 1.8 kW, 2455 MHz
smartpower 2440-2470 mhz intelligent microwave generator
Microwave Power Generator, 3.0 kW, 2455 MHz


  • Type
    Intelligent Microwave Generator
  • Frequency
    2440 - 2470 MHz
  • Ripple
    ±1% of output power
  • Output Accuracy
    ±1.5% (from 20-100% of max. power)
  • Ambient Temperature
    Up to 40°C maximum
  • Generator to Head Distance
    Up to 100 feet maximum
  • Microwave Connections
    WR284F waveguide with CPR284F flanges
  • Power Requirements
    200/208 VAC ±10%, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz
  • Compliance
    CE, ETL, Semi S2-93A, F47
  • Cooling
    Water, 1.5 gpm, 30°C maximum @ 30 psid minimum, air
  • Power Supply Generator Dimensions
    7.0 inches H x 19 inches W x 23 inches L (178 x 483 x 584mm)
  • Power Head Magnetron Head Dimensions
    10 inches H x 7.62 inches W x 14.5 inches D (254 x 193.5 x 368.3mm)
  • Regulation
    Better than 1% of output power (line and load)
  • Remote Control
    Analog, RS485, DeviceNet™


Modular Architecture

All generators share a common, modular architecture and accurate power measurement, feedback and control for increased process control and reproducibility. All models have feedback-controlled power regulation of 0.1% of output power (line and load) and ripple of <±1% of output power. PrecisionPower™ technology improves accuracy of power control to <±1.5% of maximum power for increasing process consistency and yield. In addition, the PrecisionPower™ technology allows magnetrons to be replaced in the field, substantially reducing cost of ownership.

Microwave Plasma Subsystem

Intelligent Diagnostics

The AX2500 Series SmartPower® control technology monitors the generator’s operating system and provides power shutdown protection and intelligent diagnostics. The simple messages displayed on the SmartPower® generator front panel give the user all the information needed to understand system status, reduce MTTR and ensure maximum uptime.

SmartPower® generator microwave power accuracy during plasma operation. Forward power within ±1.5% of maximum power. Tests performed using AX7610 applicator. Reflected power minimized with SmartMatch to less than 1% in less than 2 sec.

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