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Remote Plasma Sourse, 12kW, ALD, CVD & PVD Chambers


  • Type
    RPS-CM12P1 Remote Plasma Source
  • Power Output
    12 kW, 3 phase 50/60 Hz, 40 Amps RMS max phase
  • RF Frequency
    400 kHz
  • Accuracy
    ±1% to power set point
  • Gas Supply During Ignition
  • NF3 Process Gas
    1-12 slm, 1-10 T
  • NF3 Operation Reactant Output
    1-12 slm
  • Mixed Species Space
    30-60 slm
  • THD
  • Inlet Gas Connection
  • Outlet Gas Connection
    KF50 or KF40
  • Control Interface
    Analog: DB25
    Digital: EtherCAT
  • Dimensions
    18.4 x 9.5 x 10.5 in. (46.73 x 24.13 x 26.67cm)
  • Weight
    73 lbs. (33.11 kg)
  • Compliance
    SEMI F47


RPS-CM12P1 Features

  • Power Architecture
    12 kW RF power output
    ±1% accuracy to power setting
    DC boost power regulation
  • Process
    NF3 process for chamber clean
    Mixed gas species capable
    Supports NF3, O2, N2, Ar
  • Maintenance
    Plasma Electrolytic Oxide plasma block coatings for extended block life, lower operating expenses

RPS-12P1 Remote Plasma Source

A new magnetics design combined with new power boost electronics reduces power losses, enhances ignition repeatability, and increases plasma stability. These design advances also provide improved product reliability and repeatable process performance results. Additional enhancements in the remote plasma source cooling design permit running mixed gas species and high recombination gas species without sacrificing the plasma block life resulting in reduced service cost. An innovative, patent pending control architecture reduces storage capacitance while adhering to SEMI F47 immunity response requirements. Power accuracy of ±1% to the user defined plasma power set point provides lower unit to-unit variation across process chambers. 

Equipped with EtherCAT® communication protocols, the RPS-CM12P1 streams key parametric data enabling on-tool or in-fab diagnostics. When the unit does require routine maintenance, servicing the plasma block applicator can be accomplished without removing the power electronics, reducing service times.

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