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937b digital combination vacuum gauge controller
Base Vacuum Gauge Controller, RS232 and RS485, Series 937B, EU Region
937b digital combination vacuum gauge controller
Base Vacuum Gauge Controller, RS232 and RS485, Series 937B, US Region

Please see accessory table for compatible vacuum sensor cards.

Configuration Options

937b digital combination vacuum gauge controller 937B Modular Vacuum Gauge Controller, RS232 and RS485, Series 937B


  • Measurement Range
    1 x 10-11 to 20,000 Torr
    1 x 10-11 to 2.7 x 104 mbar
    1 x 10-9 to 2.7 x 106 Pascal
    1 x 10-8 to 1 x 107 microns
  • Display
    320x240 color QVGA TFT LCD with back lighting
  • Front Panel Controls
    Power on-off switch, setup and operational commands can be accessed via the keypad
  • Power Requirements
    100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 150 watts (maximum)
  • Analog Output
    Buffered, log linear & linear output for each channel & channel combinations
  • Set Point Contact Rating
    2 amps @ 30 VAC
  • Set Point Configuration
    Twelve pressure dependent SPDT relay set points
  • Operating Temperature
    5-40° C (41-104°F)
  • Storage Temperature
    -10 to 55°C (14-131°F)
  • Leak Test
    Relative logarithmic bar graph display and variable rate audio signal
  • Weight
    8 lbs (3.6 kg)
  • Compliance


The 937B controller is designed for versatility, reliability and economy. The large, easy to read, liquid crystal display provides readout for up to six sensors simultaneously. The back lit LCD display, intuitive menus and simple push button front panel, allows for ease in setup of the 937B.

The 937B, enables the use of any sensor card in each of the sensor card slots. The 937B can be configured with up to three hot or cold cathode type gauges, or three dual sensor cards for a maximum of six gauge connections.

  • Set Points: Twelve independently adjustable set points are standard. This allows for the automation of process related functions. The set point values are nonvolatile and remain unchanged after power down or power failure. They are easily viewed and configured in the channel set up screen. The 937B also includes an adjustable control set point that turns the cold cathode or hot cathode gauges power off or on, at the desired pressures, extending the sensor’s life.
  • Leak Test: The leak test mode includes a bar graph and variable audible alert to assist in locating leaks within a system. The function operates with the cold cathode, hot cathode, Pirani, and convection sensors. By taking advantage of differences in tracer gas sensitivity, this provides an excellent tool for helping locate coarse system leaks.
  • Analog Output Signals: The controller provides analog output signals accessible on the rear panel connector. Three types of analog signals are available. Unprocessed analog signals are used to provide the fastest response times. The logarithmic output voltages are scaled so that 0.6 Volts equals one decade of pressure. Combination output can be created by combining up to three sensors with a combined range from 10-11 to 20,000 Torr.
  • Digital Signals: In addition to analog outputs, the 937B communicates digitally for direct computer communication with built in connections for RS232 or RS485. A communication slot in the 937B chassis accepts an optional Profibus DPV1 board. The 937B can communicate with a host computer using either of these ports. Remote control of set points and cold cathode high voltage disable are some of the many features available with communications options.

The 937B is also part of the UHV Ultra High Vacuum Gauging System for High Energy Physics.

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