UHV Vacuum Gauges for Accelerator Physics

Ideally suited for High Energy Physics (HEP) applications, the Series 937B ultra high vacuum gauging system incorporates the technologies of the cold cathode and convection Pirani sensors. The 937B operates as many as six sensors simultaneously and measures pressures from 10-11 to 760 Torr.

The Series 937B combination vacuum gauge system is part of the family of vacuum gauges, and will operate as many as six sensors simultaneously. Every controller is configured to the user’s exact requirements by selecting sensor type. Units of pressure are user configurable, in Torr, millibar, Pascal or microns. RS232 and RS485 are standard on the 937B, with Profibus as an option. The UHV gauging system can be used for applications requiring any of the following: high temperature bakeout, radiation-resistance; or 10-11 Torr measurements. The vacuum measurement sensors can be installed on linear accelerators, booster rings, storage rings, beamlines and vacuum pumping systems.

937B Controller

The 937B controller is designed for versatility, reliability and economy. The large, easy to read, backlit liquid crystal display provides readout for up to six sensors. Intuitive menus and simple push button front panel, allows for ease in setup of the 937B. The 937B allows the use of any sensor card in any card slot.

When used with the available dual convection card, the controller can display up to a maximum of six pressure inputs. Typical HEP configurations include two cold cathode cards with a dual convection card to provide simultaneous display and control of four pressure inputs.

937B Fast Response Option

For applications requiring a fast response, for example valve interlocks, the 937B can be configured with a fast response cold cathode card that has an opto-isolated output. This output responds to pressure changes in less than 10 msec. A typical application would be at a synchrotron light source where the fast response option is used in conjunction with a cold cathode sensor installed on a beamline front end. In the event of a sudden pressure rise in a beamline, the fast response output is used to close an isolation valve while protecting the storage ring from possible damage

Plug-in Controller Boards

Pressure/Vacuum Sensors

422 Cold Cathode Sensor

The internal design of the 422 has been carefully constructed using only materials suitable for UHV conditions. Combined with Inverted Magnetron technology, this sensor has the capability of measuring down to 1 x 10-11 Torr.

The 422 Cold Cathode Sensor incorporates LEMO® connectors, these connectors use PEEK for the insulators which allows a sensor to be both bakeable and radiation resistant. Maximum bakeout temperature is 250°C while operating. In addition, MKS offers cables that are bakeable and radiation resistant (no Teflon).

317 Bakeable Convection Pirani Sensor

With a measurement range from atmospheric pressure to 1.0 x 10-3 Torr, the 317 can be used to control the ignition of a cold cathode sensor when used in conjunction with the 937B. With the electronic module removed, the sensor is bakeable to 250°C. The electronics slide off the sensor housing after removing two screws and remain attached to the cable. The sensor is radiation resistant making it an ideal choice for high pressure measurements and interlocks on particle accelerators.

Cable Assemblies

Cable Stock and Connectors

Cable stock is sold by the foot in lengths up to 1000 feet.

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