Repair Calibration and Refurbishment Services from MKS
Repair • Calibration • Refurbishment

Comprehensive repair and service programs maximize the value of your installed base of critical subcomponents to ensure you...

  • Extend the life of your equipment
  • Drive more predictability
  • Increase uptime and tool availability
  • Improve productivity

Our global network of 18 MKS Service Centers located throughout North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific ensure that you have direct access to repair, refurbishment, and calibration services when and where you need them. MKS service programs address your operational efficiency while offering flexibility as your requirements change.

Fixed-Price Repair (FPR) Program

Unexpected repairs and ongoing maintenance issues can disrupt productivity and have a negative impact on budgets. Our fixed-price repair programs help you avoid these unforeseen circumstances.

  • 100% replacement of defective minor assemblies using MKS original parts
  • Apply applicable safety and software updates
  • Full-performance testing and calibration to MKS-factory specifications
  • Comprehensive service report
  • 90-day warranty

Calibration Program

Fixed-price calibration services ensure that you maintain the performance of MKS valves, pressure sensors, and mass flow controllers.

  • Thorough testing on MKS-certified test stand equipment
  • NIST-traceable
  • Customer notified of additional findings

Refurbishment Program

MKS factory-certified technicians complete a comprehensive refurbishment and test process developed by the original product design engineers to ensure that your refurbished MKS components perform like new.

  • Complete product inspection and evaluation
  • Repair broken parts
  • Replace early failure assemblies using MKS original parts
  • Apply applicable software updates and Service Bulletins
  • Bring to like new condition
  • Restore to default configuration
  • Full-performance testing and calibration to MKS-factory specifications
  • Comprehensive service report
  • 1-year warranty

Power Generator Refurbishment Program (PDF )
Remote Plasma Refurbishment Program (PDF )
AX8407 SEMOZON® Ozone Generator Refurbishment Program (PDF )

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Repair, Calibration, and Refurbishment Services Data Sheet

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RMA Form

Complete this form when making a return.

Health & Safety Form

Complete and include this form when sending equipment to us for calibration and/or repair.

How to Order Services

Instructions and options for ordering MKS repair and calibration services.

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