Test Diagnostic Board, 20 pin edge card, female to male

Technical Specs

  • Type
    Test Diagnostic Board
  • Signal Output
    Buffered, log linear and linear output for each channel and log linear for combined channels
  • For Use With
    MKS Mass Flow Controllers, Baratron Capacitance Manometers
  • Connector
    20 pin edge card, female to male
  • Display Units
    Torr, mbar, Pascal, sccm, slm
  • Set Point Relays
    Twelve pressure dependent set points (4 per card slot), SPST relays, contact rating 2 Amps @ 30 VAC
  • Storage Humidity
    80% max for temperatures less than 31°C, decreasing linearly to 50% maximum at 40°C
  • Dimensions
    Half 19 inch Rack, 2U, 3.47 x 9.47 x 13.00 in.

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