Residual Gas Analyzer, Flexible and Integration-ready, Microvision 2

Technical Specs

  • Type
    Residual Gas Analyzer
  • Measurement Technique
    Mass Spectrometry
  • Mass Range
    100, 200, or 300 amu
  • Detector
  • Faraday
    1.5e-11 Torr (2e-11 mbar)
  • Filaments
    Tungsten or Thoria coated Iridium
  • Software
    Built-in web applications allowing RGA control and data acquisition using a platform independent web browser without the need for dedicated installed software, EasyView, Process Eye Professional and TOOLweb RGA Windows software packages for Windows 2000, XP, or Vista
  • Maximum Analyzer Operating Pressure
    7.6e-5 Torr (1e-4 mbar)
  • Ion Source Sensitivity
    2e-4 A/mbar
  • Resolution
    Better than 10% valley for peaks of equal height across mass range
  • Bake Out Temperature
    250°C (with extender or electronics removed)
  • Operating Temperature
    200°C Faraday only with electronics 10 - 40°C, 150°C Multiplier with electronics 10 - 40°C and pressure <1e-8 mbar, 90°C Multiplier with electronics 10 - 40°C and pressure <1e-5 mbar
  • Cross Beam Ion Source
    Single, double, or triple, depending on configuration.
  • UHV Ion Source
    Single, double, or triple, depending on configuration.
  • UHV Out-gassing Rate
    <1e-9 mbar -l/s
  • PVD Ion Source
    Single, double, or triple, depending on configuration.
  • Zero Blast Effect
    Double & Triple Filter: <5 ppm baseline levels next to mass 2 (not applicable with 5 in. single version)
  • Maximum Operating Conditions
    10 - 40°C, 80% RH (non condensing)
  • Microchannel plate
    3.8e-14 Torr (5e-14 mbar)
  • Single channel EM
    7.6e-15 Torr (1e-14 mbar) triple configuration only
  • Electronics Weight on Flange
    1.7 kg
  • Power
    24 VDC, 3A external universal voltage supply (included)
  • Data Acquisition Method
    Dedicated real time acquisition processor
  • Data Acquisition Speed
    <3 ms per point for analog scanning
  • Data Collection Methods
    Analog scanning, full mass range 8, 16 or 32 points/amu, Barchart scanning, Peak-jump collection of up to 15 peaks per scan, Complete recipe control to link multiple acquisition into a single scan, (Process Eye Professional and TOOLweb RGA only)
  • Settling Time
    <20 ms (to 1 ppm of Maximum Signal)
  • Control Method
    CE operating system processor with web-server interface
  • Command Structure
    Documented ASCII command protocols
  • Multiplier Protection
    Automatic removal of over-range peaks from all scan modes, dedicated multiplier inhibit line for over temperature or over-pressure and x-trip filament and multiplier protect for over-pressure
  • Communication
    10/100 Base-T Ethernet, static or automatically assigned IP addresses
  • Interfaces
    RJ45 socket: 10/100 Base-T Ethernet, 25 way D-type female: 16 configurable TTL I/O, one dedicated multiplier over temperature inhibit input, includes power for ±15V (100 mA), +24V (100 mA) and ±3.3V (100 mA), 15 way D-type female: 4 analog in (-11 - 11 V, 22 bit), 2 analog outputs (0 - 10V, 12 bit), includes power for ±15 V (100 mA), compound output from detector pre-amplifier, 9 way D-type female dedicated vacuum gauge port: -11 - 11 V 22 bit analog input, 1 digital input (gauge OK), 1 digital output (gauge enable) and gauge power +24 V (100mA), 3.5 mm jack socket: Opto-isolated input for filament protect or control with auto detection of presence of the jack plug as failsafe, 2.5 mm jack socket: Audio output for use with speaker and wired or wireless headphones
  • Number of Stored Source Settings
    6 sets including ion source parameters, alignment, resolution, detector calibrations, Stored in electronics and recalled by EasyView, Process Eye Professional or TOOLweb RGA
  • Software Controlled Tuning Parameters
    Electron energy, 20 - 100 eV, Emission current, 0 - 2 mA (5 mA degas), Ion energy, 0 - 10 V, Ion extraction, 0 to -130V, Filter pole bias, 0 to -10 to +10 V
  • Mounting Flange
    DN 40 CF-F
  • Compliance
    Compliant to RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC (control unit)

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