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r740c/r750c baratron 10-3000 psig capacitance manometer with trip relays R740D Capacitance Manometer, High-Pressure, Trip Relays, 20 - 3000 PSIG


  • Type
    Vacuum/pressure Transducer
  • Measurement Type
  • Full Scale Pressure Ranges
    20-3000 PSI (1.4 to 204 bar)
  • Accuracy
    ±1% of Reading
  • Resolution
    ±0.01% of Full Scale
  • Repeatability
    ±0.1% of Reading
  • Analog Output
    0 to 10 VDC into >10 k Ω load
  • Electrical Connector
    15-pin D-subminiture
  • Zero Temperature Coefficient
    0.02% of Full Scale/°C
  • Span Temperature Coefficient
    0.04% of Reading/°C
  • Volume
    4.7 cc
  • Power Requirements
    ±15VDC (± 5%) @ 35 mA (max)
  • Factory Default Trip Relay Settings
    Trip Relay A energizes below 55% of full-scale range, and Trip Relay B energizes above 55% of full-scale range.
  • Relay Specifications
    Two independently-adjusted DPDT contacts adjustable between 0.5% and 100% of FS. Relays are UL listed and rated at 1.0 amps @ 30 VDC or 0.3 amps @ 30 VAC.
  • Weight
    1.0 lbs (0.4 kg)
  • Compliance
    Compliant with EMC Directive 2004/108/EC
    Compliant with Directive 2002-95-EC


Percent of Reading Accuracy

Accuracy is specified as a percent of Reading, not Full Scale, as seen in some of the lower performance devices. Percent of Reading accuracy provides you with an even more accurate output signal in the lower scale of the pressure range, where it is needed most.

Differential Pressure Measurement

These capacitance manometers are referenced to local atmospheric pressure and measure the difference between the measurement side (Px) and the reference side (Pr) of the diaphragm. Applications include air and gas flow measurements for filters and analytical systems, downstream pressure control in thin film processing systems, and automated leak testing systems.

Inconel® and Incoloy® Construction Wetted Surfaces

These pressure transducers feature Inconel® and Incoloy® nickel alloy construction of the pressure sensor allowing it to operate without damage in virtually any chemical environment, including halogens, deionized water and steam, and ozone. The sensor is fully welded with no intermediate brazing or joining materials.

0 to 10 VDC Proportional Analog Output

These Baratron® capacitance manometers feature a high-level 0-10 VDC analog output signal that is linear with pressure. This analog output can be interfaced with an MKS pressure controller, an MKS power supply/display instrument, or any instrument that meets these requirements.

Two Adjustable Process Trip Point Relays

These pressure transducers feature two user adjustable process trip point relays, each with an adjustment range from 0.5% to 100% of Full Scale or voltage equivalent 0.05 to 10 VDC. The relays are UL listed and rated at 1.0 amps @ 30 VDC or 0.3 amps @ 30 VAC.  The trip points are factory set at 55% of full scale with relay A energizing below that level and relay B energizing above the trip point.

15-pin Type "D" Pin-Outs

Pin Description
1 Relay Contact A, N.O.
2 Pressure Output
3 Reserved
4 Reserved
5 Power Return
6 -15 VDC
7 +15 VDC
8 Relay Contact A, N.C.
9 Relay Contact B, N.C.
10 Trip Point A, Setting
11 Trip Point B, Setting
12 Pressure Return
13 Relay contact B, N.O.
14 Relay Contact B, Common
15 Relay contact A, Common

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