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O3CS Compact Ozone System
15 Weeks
15 Weeks


  • Ozone Output
    25-225 g/hr (configuration dependent)
    at 25 psi ozone delivery pressure and 17°C cooling water
  • Ozone Concentration
    Up to 20 wt% (300 g/m3) (configuration dependent)
  • Flow Rate
    0.5-20 slm (configuration dependent)
  • Operating Temperature
    20-40°C (68-104°F)
  • Nominal Cell Pressure (Delivery)
    0.7-3.1 bargauge (10-45 psig)
  • Control Interface
    Remote operation, Discrete analog I/O 25 pin D-sub, DeviceNet®, Ethernet Modbus TCP
  • Voltage Requirements
    208 VAC
  • Current Requirements
    Nominal current 2-10A max (configuration dependent)
  • Frequency
    50/60 Hz
  • Phase
    3 phase and GND (no neutral)
  • Dimensions
    482 x 429 x 267 mm (19 x 16.89 x 10.5 in)
  • Weight
    40 kg (88 lb) (approximate - configuration dependent)
  • Compliance
    SEMI S2-0302, SEMI F47, UL 61010-1, CAN/CSA-61010-1


Available in either a standalone form or integrated with up to 4 channel units into a system rack, each unit delivers a precise ozone concentration to the equipment chamber. The O3CS ozone gas delivery system incorporates MKS field-proven modular ozone generation technology, an integrated ozone concentration monitor, flow control for both O2 and dopant gas species, and an electronic pressure controller.

  • Compact ozone delivery subsystem easily integrates with the chamber tool
  • Concentrations up to 20 wt% (300 g/m3)
  • Flow rates from 0.5 to 20 slm
  • Patented ozone cells with advanced cooling
  • Full electronic control including closed loop ozone concentration control with integrated process monitor
    - Mass flow control for O2 and dopant gas
    - Electronic pressure control for stable operation during process point

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