Configuration Options

   HCV High Cycle, Single-stage Vacuum Isolation Valve


  • Type
    High Cycle Valve
  • Vacuum Range
    Atmosphere to 1.0 x 10-9 Torr
  • Port Size
    NW25, NW40, NW50
  • Helium Leak Rate
    1.0 x 10-9 std cc/sec
  • Cylinder Volume
    1.2 - 160 msec, depending on configuration
  • Cylinder Air Pressure
    90 psig ±30 psig
  • Limit Switch Rating
    5A - 250 VAC
  • Single Pole, Single Throw
    5A - 30 VDC
  • Blow-By Pressure
    80 - 45 psi, depending on configuration
  • Operating Temperature
    80°C (max)
  • Typical Life
    10,000,000 cycles in clean non-corrosive environments
  • Weight
    1.6 - 6.4 pounds, depending on configuration


Extremely Durable and dependable

Manufactured using superior techniques and high quality materials, the High Cycle Valve is extremely durable and dependable. Lifetime can be extended to 10,000,000 cycles, greatly increasing system uptime and lowering maintenance cost. A new formed stainless steel bellows prevents outgassing, virtual leaks and particle entrapment, extending the cycle life of the valve. The bellows stroke length is optimized to ensure a longer cycle life while maintaining a high conductance. Another standard feature, a TIG fusion welded vacuum grade body made of high-grade, corrosion resistant, 304 stainless steel, creates fewer entrapment areas, resulting in less contamination buildup. In the event of power loss, a high-grade reliable heavy-duty spring will automatically close the valve.

High Cycle Valve Options

The High Cycle Valve is available in angle, inline and internal only configurations. Port sizes include NW 25, NW 40 and NW 50 using maximum internal diameters for greater conductance. Internal configuration can be used to integrate directly into the chamber reducing the footprint of new tools. For leaktight operation, elastomer seals are available in Viton® for typical vacuum operating conditions, or in Kalrez® or Chemraz® for higher temperature conditions and increased chemical resistance. Options for the High Cycle Valve include an air solenoid for electro-pneumatic control of the valve and a limit switch assembly for remote “open or closed” position indication.


The High Cycle Valve is designed to be used in applications where the cycle life of the valve is critical. It is ideally suited for Load Lock chambers where over 1,000,000 cycles can be achieved yearly giving it a life span greater than 5 years.

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