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di-solver co2 compact carbonated water delivery system
Water Delivery System, Ultrapure Carbon Dioxide Water


  • Type
    Carbon Dioxide Ultrapure Water Delivery System
  • Flow Rate
    Minimum total flow: 0.5 L/min (0.1 gpm)
    Maximum total flow: 60L/min (15.8gpm)
  • Communication
    Binary in/out (dry contacts)
    RS232, analog out
  • Power Requirements
    24 VDC/60W
  • Accuracy
    Typical maximum deviation from set point:
    Steady state flow: ±3%
    Fluctuating flow: ±10% for flow changes <4 L/min per sec
  • UPW Temperature Range
    20 - 50°C
  • Outlet Pressure
    1.0 - 3.0 barg (0.1 - 0.3 MPag, 14.5 - 43.5 psig), depending on UPW supply pressure
  • Conductivity/Resistivity Range
    Minimum conductivity 5 µS/cm, max. resistivity 200 kOhm*cm
    Maximum conductivity 50 µS/cm, min resistivity 20 kOhm*cm
  • Plumbing Materials
    Liquid contacted surfaces: PFA, PVDF
  • Cabinet Material
    PVDF or C-PVC or FRPP
  • Dimensions
    386 x 650 x 232 mm (WxHxD)
  • Weight
    17.3 kg


MKS’ DI-Solver CO2 is a component-based system to be integrated into a tool. It fully meets the demands of the semiconductor industry by using only high purity standard materials and safety features. The units provide a conductivity range from 5-50 μS/cm at 0.5-60 liters/min.

  • Best dynamic conductivity control and accuracy at point of use from proprietary control of gas
  • Increases yields by inhibiting Electrostatic Discharge
  • Small compact module for easy integration
  • Low operating costs, no CO2 or UPW consumption during process pauses
VariO3 Characteristic performance chart of a standard concentration and flow rate
Specified achieved DI-CO2 conductivity range

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