Surround the Wafer®

MKS Instruments' Surround the Wafer® offering provides Semiconductor customers with a wide range of products, design and development services, system level integration, training programs, calibration, service, and repair. This unique combination of products and services enables our customers to solve the challenges of ultra-thin layers, new materials and complex 3D structures while maintaining quality and productivity levels.


MKS provides a variety of critical subcomponents for demanding applications such as deposition, removal, patterning, inspection and clean. With pressure measurement and control systems, gas measurement and delivery, power and reactive gas generation, automation and control solutions and state-of-the-art laser, optics, and photonics capabilities, our broad suite of products enable our customers' most complex structures and new material processing needs.

Application Team & Technical Support

Our application labs, staffed with a team of technical experts and MKS-certified test equipment, provide expertise and support in our served applications. With extensive Semiconductor process knowledge in deposition and removal of thin films, patterning of complex architectures, inspection and clean, we provide application support to ensure our customers achieve optimal processing for complex and demanding applications. Our application team also provides critical guidance to our internal product development groups.

Our technical support team provides comprehensive technical support for our products. With experts around the globe, we are staffed to support your installation, set-up, trouble shooting and production inquiries 24 hours, 7 days per week.

Engineering Development

MKS works closely with our customers to develop specific products and solutions to solve their complex problems. We will develop custom solutions based on the customer's specification. We also collaborate with our customers by providing engineering and development.

Training Programs

Leveraging our extensive in-house product knowledge and semiconductor processing expertise, we can provide intensive in-house and on-site training for critical subcomponents. Using detailed technical information and demonstration equipment, we tailor training to ensure it's interesting and relevant for your needs. Custom training may also be available.


We offer calibration on our valves, pressure sensors, mass flow controllers, Spectra-Physics lasers, and Newport and Ophir power meters. Calibration is done on MKS-certified test equipment at our Service Centers around the world.


Our Service Centers are staffed by highly-skilled engineers and technicians expert at diagnosing and repairing MKS products. We offer comprehensive repair and service programs that maximize the installed base of critical subcomponents to ensure extended life of your equipment, increased uptime and tool availability, improved predictability and productivity.

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