Silicon Wafer Production Solutions

Silicon wafers are a critical component in the manufacturing process of most electronic devices. Electronic grade silicon, the name used for the grade of silicon employed in semiconductor device manufacture, is the product of a chain of processes beginning with the conversion of quartz or quartzite sand to "metallurgical grade silicon"

MKS solutions for enhancing Silicon wafer production include tools for wafer cutting, vacuum, pressure, and flow measurement and control, and automated manufacturing and process control.

Silicon Wafer Production

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MKS Instruments Handbook Second Edition
Semiconductor Devices and Process Technology

Detailing the fundamental device physics, materials, and fabrication processes used to manufacture semiconductors.
A free book from MKS

Silicon Wafer Production
A detailed discussion of the process used for silicon wafer manufacturing

Surround the Wafer®
Our unique combination of products and services to solve the challenges of ultra-thin layers, new materials and complex 3D structures while maintaining quality and productivity.

Highest-speed Dicing of Thin Silicon Wafers  
Laser-based wafer dicing solutions

Baratron® Capacitance Manometers
For direct, gas independent, high accuracy pressure measurement

Mass Flow Controllers & Meters
Thermal & pressure based sensor technologies to bring products and processes to market faster, more reliably, and more cost effectively

Vacuum Flanges & Fittings
ISO-KF, ISO-MF, ISO-BF, CF (ConFlat), and welded style vacuum fittings, vacuum flanges and vacuum components

Granville-Phillips® Indirect Vacuum Gauges
Vacuum gauges, transducers, sensors and controllers are based on multiple pressure measurement technologies

Automation Controllers and Modules
Building blocks configured to meet the custom requirements of semiconductor applications.