Scientific Research Solutions

MKS solutions for scientific research are used by government, university and industrial laboratories for applications involving research and development in materials science, physical chemistry, photonics, optics and electronics materials. Our technologies are helping researchers to advance the fundamental theories of physics and chemistry.

Scientific Research

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Electronics Research  
MKS solutions are found in the processes creating next generation low-power electronics to enable mobile devices and quantum computing

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR)  
The accuracy and detail provided by LiDAR makes it an essential component of many applications that help local authorities and other land management organizations

Thermal Imaging  
Thermal imaging has a long history in defense and aerospace but commercial and industrial applications have led to a dramatic increase in its use over the past few decades

Ultrafast Laser Pulse Characterization  
Ultrashort laser pulses carry significant bandwidth, but MKS has solutions for these challenges

Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy  
Several methods of ultrafast laser spectroscopy have been developed to support materials science and biology applications

Quantum Research  
Spectra-Physics and New Focus are leaders in tunable lasers ideal for applications in the Atomic, Molecular, and Optical (AMO) physics field, such as precision spectroscopy, atomic cooling, optical clocks, and microcavity resonators