Life and Health Sciences Solutions

Our Solutions for Life and Health Sciences are used in a diverse array of applications including bio imaging, medical instrument sterilization, medical device manufacturing, analytical, diagnostic and surgical instrumentation, consumable medical supply manufacturing and pharmaceutical production.

Life and Health Sciences

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MKS Instruments Handbook: Principles & Applications in Photonics Technologies  
A free resource from MKS

Electron Microscopy
The need to analyze a broader range of smaller samples along with newer design specifications introduces new challenges in electron microscopy.

Mass Spectrometry
Used in fields as critical as neonatal screening, to analyzing the pesticide content in foods, to drug development for some of the deadliest diseases, there are many mass spectrometry solutions from MKS

Medical Devices
MKS solutions for quality, reliability and accuracy for instrument sterilization, imaging, manufacturing medical disposables and other medical applications.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Solutions for Pin-point Accuracy, Tight Control, Safety and Consistency Pharmaceutical manufacturers produce drugs derived from chemicals, while biopharmaceutical manufacturers produce drugs derived from life forms (biologics) demanding pin-point accuracy, tight control, safety and consistency.

Advanced Bioimaging  
MKS has proven solutions for bioimaging and microscopy

Flow Cytometry  
A detailed examination of flow cytometry analytic techniques and the MKS solutions that enhance them

MALDI Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry  
A soft ionization technique used in mass spectrometry (MS) that produces rapid and efficient ionization of a wide variety of molecules

Ophthalmic Surgery  
The laser is particularly suited to ophthalmic surgery since it can provide a non-contact method of interacting with the cornea or even the interior of the eye

This rapidly expanding field has been driven by developments in ultrafast laser and microscope technologies.

Spectra-Physics® bio-imaging lasers enable in vivo multicolor imaging for embryology, developmental biology and other related advanced biological research

Spectra-Physics® solutions for efforts in immunotherapy, autoimmune diseases, and vaccines for emerging pathogens

Solutions to help develop an understanding of not only the physical structure, but more importantly, the functionality of the brain, especially the means of communication among neurons