Industrial Technologies Solutions

Industrial Technologies encompasses a wide range of diverse applications such as glass coating, laser marking, measurement and scribing, natural gas and oil production, environmental monitoring and electronic thin films. Electronic thin films are a primary component of numerous electronic products including flat panel displays, light emitting diodes, solar cells and data storage media.

Industrial Technologies

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Food and Beverage   
The food and beverage industry relies on MKS technologies for heating, drying, packaging, process control and more

Emissions Testing
Evaluating the exhaust from facilities such as power plants, manufacturing buildings, incinerators, etc. is vital to ensure compliance with air quality laws and regulations

Environmental Monitoring
to rapidly detecting toxic gases without false alarms to protect populated buildings and critical infrastructure, a continuous air monitoring system should be deployed

Power Generation
Power generators need to accurately establish gas energy and to determine fuel quality to ensure optimal combustion and to control emissions

Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturing  
With over 50 years of experience providing components and expertise for thousands of laser systems in a variety of markets, MKS is a long-term partner to several Li-ion battery manufacturers.

Data Communications  
MKS solutions for the explosive growth in digital data communications

Laser Micromachining  
The benefits of laser machining enable a wide range of end user applications