Display Manufacturing Solutions

Flat panel display manufacturing is challenged by the growing demand for higher quality and accuracy while using lighter, thinner, more durable materials. Monitors, PCs, tablets, TVs, cars, industrial equipment, PCs, smartphones and other products all incorporate flat-panel displays in one form or another.

MKS solutions for current and next-generation flat panel display manufacturing includes lasers, motion control, vacuum, pressure, flow measurement & control products.

Display Manufacturing

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Flat Panel Manufacturing  
A detailed examination of the processes and tools used for FPD manufacturing

MKS Instruments Handbook: Principles & Applications in Photonics Technologies  
A free resource from MKS

IR Long Range Zoom Lenses
A complete catalog of the IR lenses used in the PCB manufacturing process

Diffraction Grating Handbook
The diffraction grating is of considerable importance in spectroscopy,and the spectroscopic quality of diffraction gratings has greatly improved.

MKS Custom Vacuum Solutions
Specialists in custom subcontract manufacture and precision engineering of machined components & electro-mechanical assemblies.

Spectra-Physics Lasers for FPD Fabrication  
Spectra-Physics is a leading supplier of lasers for the manufacture of flat panel displays (FPD) including OLED and LCD.

Oriel Incoherent Light Sources  
A large selection of pulsed light sources as well as UV to far-IR continuous sources used in display manufacturing processes.

Newport Motion Control  
Newport has developed an extensive catalog of manual positioning and motion control standard and custom products for FPD applications.

Baratron® Capacitance Manometers
For direct, gas independent, high accuracy pressure measurement

Pressure Controllers and Valves
Solutions for vacuum pressure control for improving the productivity of manufacturing processes.

Mass Flow Controllers & Meters
Thermal and pressure based sensor technologies to bring products and processes to market faster, more reliably, and more cost effectively

Remote Plasma Sources
Generate low-energy ions and radicals to react with material surfaces and chamber walls, removing contaminants and act as a precursor for material deposition.

RF Power Generators
RF generators, and impedance matching networks for a complete RF delivery system are vital components of display panel processing.

Mass Spectrometers
Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry (QMS) Systems monitor critical process conditions

Fittings and Accessories for Vacuum Piping Systems
High quality vacuum flanges and fittings