MKS Custom Automation Solutions

Listen. Design. Deliver.

MKS provides customized automation and control solutions to leading tool manufactures in Semiconductor, Life Sciences, and other Advanced Markets. With over 20 years of experience in I/O and control solutions design, we are the go‑to market provider for customized automation solutions. Leveraging our collaborative nature, we work with our customers, listen to their needs and design solutions to solve their most critical problems.

Our talented and innovative team of engineers design custom solutions that meet your form, fit, and function requirements. We design and build robust solutions to last at least 10 years without changes due to our proactive life cycle management processes. Our customized solutions are based on cutting edge platforms, leveraging future technology and long-term tested building blocks, ensuring the solutions we provide have the highest levels of quality and reliability.

Lean Manufacturing and Kanban methodologies enable our operations team to support fast turn prototypes as well as manufacturing scalability. All products are traceable by component lots and serial numbers.


Time to Market

Customers turn to MKS to help solve their complex problems. We can take a concept and turn it in to a working prototype in less than 12 weeks. We leverage our TUV certified programmable safety solution enabling our customers to accelerate their design iterations, while maintaining very high safety ratings. When it's time to scale to full volume production, we work closely with our supply chain partners and Kanban methodology to manage short lead time components. This approach to inventory management helps us maintain an on-time delivery to promise date greater than 98%.



We believe in providing innovative solutions and pushing the boundaries of possibilities. MKS core hardware platforms are modular I/Os, that support both high and low I/O counts, and programmable automation controllers (PAC). We combine these platforms with advanced capabilities including embedded edge analytics, model-based control, certified programmable safety software, and embedded optimization routines. Communication support is wide ranging and includes Ethernet, EtherCAT®, RS232, RS485, DeviceNet™, Modbus, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) protocols. Our goal is to create an individualized product that meets your requirements and performs to your specifications.


Quality & Compliance

Building a quality product doesn't just happen. It starts with the design process, selecting the best components to meet the performance and safety specifications, and ends with testing. Our products undergo Design Verification Testing (DVT) to ensure the product meets your design specifications and expected performance parameters. DVT testing includes Electromagnetic Compatibility & Electromagnetic Interference (EMC/EMI), long term reliability, and Mean Time Between Failures & Highly Accelerated Life Testing (MTBF/HALT). Our programmable safety solution complies with the requirements of Category 4 / Performance Level e according to EN ISO 13849-1, and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 according to IEC 61508  . We are ISO 9001:2015   & ISO 14001:2015   certified. MKS solutions can be REACH and RoHS complaint and carry CE, UL and KCC certifications.


Operational Excellence

We believe in sustainable, organizational improvement. The main areas we focus on are the flow of information and material, on-going continuous improvement, and life cycle management. We use Lean Methodology to streamline the flow of information and material between groups, as a tool to improve employee skill sets, and to foster out-of-the-box problem solving skills. We empower our people to make the necessary changes that drive continuous improvement, whether during product design or in manufacturing and delivery of products to our customers. Life cycle management involves understanding your supply chain and your customer needs. Our products are built to be in the field for years and we manage component obsolesce to maximize long life.

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