MKS Celebrates 50 Years of Participation at
Laser World of Photonics:
Photonics Firsts Since 1973 on Display

Will also introduce new laser sources and enhanced measurement devices

Darmstadt, Germany, June 14, 2023 - MKS Instruments, Inc. (NASDAQ: MKSI), a global provider of technologies that transform our world, will introduce new laser sources and enhanced measurement devices at the Laser World of Photonics trade fair in Munich, Germany, June 27-30, 2023, marking the company’s 50th year of participation in the world-renowned event and building on its long history in the photonics industry. Spectra-Physics®, a brand within the Photonics Solutions division of the company, was among the first exhibitors at the inaugural Laser trade fair in Munich 1973. Ever since, MKS brands such as Ophir®, Newport and Spectra-Physics have announced many “Firsts” at the show. Over the years, a focus on customers and innovation has enabled them to become leaders in the laser industry. Today, all three brands are part of the Surround the Workpiece® offering of MKS Instruments.

Dr. Mark Gitin, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Photonics Solutions Division, said: “We are delighted to continue our long relationship with Laser World of Photonics and look forward to introducing new laser sources, as well as enhanced measurement devices focused on serving our customers’ needs and setting the stage for future applications. We will also showcase our Surround the Workpiece offering through our application-oriented stand layout, while also commemorating 50 years of “firsts” that underscore our long tradition of innovation.”

First Company to Develop Industrial Lasers

In 1961 – less than one year after the invention of the laser – Spectra-Physics was formed as the first company fully dedicated to commercially developing lasers. Only two years later, the team invented the ion laser, paving the way for mainstream laser products in research, medical, entertainment, and graphics applications. In the following years, Spectra-Physics lasers were used in many first-of-their-kind projects: in 1966 for precise alignment of the transbay tunnel for the new Bay Area Rapid Transit; in 1967 for eye surgery; and in 1969, in measuring the moon-to-earth distance with a Spectra-Physics argon laser using laser ranging retro-reflector placed by Apollo 11 astronauts.

First Trade Show for Laser Technology

Spectra-Physics was excited about the visionary idea to create the world’s first trade fair for laser technology when it was first proposed in the early 1970s. Together with around 100 fellow participants, the company joined the very first Laser 73 in Munich. “Today, we are thrilled that the Spectra-Physics laser portfolio continues to be a strong part of the MKS Surround the Workpiece offering that is complemented by the Ophir laser measurement and first-class optics portfolio and the full range of Newport solutions, including precision motion control, solutions for vibration isolation, photonics instruments and a wide variety of optics and opto-mechanical components”, said Dr. Gitin.

First with Many Innovations

Since Spectra-Physics first participation at Laser 73, MKS brands have presented many “Firsts” for the photonics industry at Laser World of Photonics, including:

  • First commercial CW laser
  • First ion laser
  • First commercial bar code scanner
  • First Nd:YAG unstable resonator laser
  • First commercial CW Ti:sapphire laser
  • First commercial ultrafast Ti:sapphire laser
  • First commercial high-power DPSS CW green laser
  • First automated tunable ultrafast laser
  • First clear edge mirror mount
  • First piezomotor driven fine adjustment screw
  • First commercially available planar XY-air bearing stage for 300 mm wafers
  • First ultra-fine adjustment screw with 254 TPI
  • First pyroelectric array thermal beam profile cameras for UV, VIS and IR
  • First Slit based beam profiler
  • First M2 automated measurement system
  • First thermal sensors that can measure all three parameters: power, position, size
  • First power meter to measure up to 120 kW
  • First non-contact beam profiler using Rayleigh scattering
  • First beam profiler for high power lasers with removable cooling cartridge

Dr. Gitin concluded: “It’s been an honor to be part of the deep and rich history of Laser Munich and MKS is honored to continue this tradition of helping the photonics industry grow and enabling technologies that transform our world.”

About MKS Instruments

MKS Instruments enables technologies that transform our world. We deliver foundational technology solutions to leading edge semiconductor manufacturing, electronics and packaging, and specialty industrial applications. We apply our broad science and engineering capabilities to create instruments, subsystems, systems, process control solutions and specialty chemicals technology that improve process performance, optimize productivity and enable unique innovations for many of the world's leading technology and industrial companies. Our solutions are critical to addressing the challenges of miniaturization and complexity in advanced device manufacturing by enabling increased power, speed, feature enhancement, and optimized connectivity. Our solutions are also critical to addressing ever-increasing performance requirements across a wide array of specialty industrial applications. Additional information can be found at

MKS Photonics Solutions

Spectra-Physics, Ophir and Newport are brands within the MKS Instruments Photonics Solutions division. We provide a full range of solutions including lasers, beam measurement and profiling, precision motion control, vibration isolation systems, photonics instruments, temperature sensing, opto-mechanical components and optical elements.

About Spectra-Physics

Spectra-Physics is a brand within the MKS Instruments Photonics Solutions division. The Spectra-Physics product portfolio consists of a broad spectrum of lasers for precision industrial and scientific applications. Spectra-Physics lasers combine groundbreaking technologies with deep applications expertise to deliver disruptive performance and lower total cost of ownership. For more information, visit  .


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