Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Solutions for Pin-point Accuracy, Tight Control, Safety and Consistency

Pharmaceutical manufacturers produce drugs derived from chemicals, while biopharmaceutical manufacturers produce drugs derived from life forms (biologics). Both have a major impact on the quality of human life, and so factors such as pin-point accuracy, tight control, safety and consistency are crucial to the manufacturing process.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Biopharmaceutical Applications

Biopharmaceutical products are medicinal products that are manufactured through the use of biotechnology. Biopharmaceuticals are distinguished from conventional, chemically synthesized pharmaceuticals by this difference in their mode of preparation. Vaccines, blood and/or blood components, allergenics, somatic cells, gene therapies, tissues, recombinant therapeutic protein and living cells are all produced as biopharmaceuticals.

Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Challenges

Biopharmaceutical processes can require that up to six gases be delivered into fermenters and bio-reactors. Their rate of delivery into the reactor must be precise and accurate with minimal risk of contamination from ambient. Traditionally, the control of gas delivery in biopharmaceutical applications has been based on volumetric flow measurement and control. This approach is strongly affected by variations in the pressure and temperature of the source gas.

Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Solutions

Biopharmaceutical production requires accurate and repeatable control of up to 6 process gases. The most effective way to achieve such control is through the use of electronic thermal mass flow controllers for control of the input flow rates for these gases. MKS IP66-rated Mass Flow Controllers provide an advanced solution for electronic mass flow control of gases in biopharmaceutical processing. They are both waterproof and dustproof and can be washed down, an important feature for biotech applications. Their manufacture and materials of construction eliminate contaminants in the gas delivery path. Flow control using IP66-rated MFCs has state-of-the-art accuracy and repeatability that guarantees tight control and process transferability. The multi-range/multi-gas character of these MFCs enables rapid process adaptability and low inventory costs. These characteristics make IP66-rated MFCs an ideal solution for the gas flow control requirements in most biopharmaceutical process.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Products