Medical Devices

Solutions for Sterilization, Imaging and Manufacturing of Medical Devices

First-rate quality, reliability and accuracy are paramount in instrument sterilization, imaging, manufacturing medical disposables and other medical applications.

Medical Device Fabrication

Spectra-Physics is the number one supplier of ultrafast femtosecond lasers for fabrication of the following types of medical devices.

  • Stents
  • Catheters
  • Prosthetics

Please see medical device fabrication for additional information

Medical Equipment Sterilization

Modern medical tools incorporate a profusion of disposable plastic components that are easily damaged by high temperature steam. These components cannot tolerate high temperatures such as those found in steam sterilization equipment. Similarly, electronic and optical systems in many pieces of medical equipment cannot be processed by high temperature steam sterilizers. These restrictions have led to the widespread adoption of ethylene oxide (EtO) as a sterilizing agent in medical environments.

EtO Monitoring Solutions

The MKS MultiGas 2030 EtO Analyzer provides an effective solution for the continuous monitoring of ethylene oxide in the workplace. The MultiGas has detection limits for EtO that are better than the current best practice for EtO analysis, Dräger tube sampling. Contaminants that interfere with Dräger tube analyses are not an issue for analysis performed using the MultiGas system nor is ambient moisture. Indeed, the MultiGas 2030 can provide for simultaneous analysis, display and warning generation for a number of species, including EtO, EtOH, IPA and moisture.

Dental Impression Conoscopic Holography Scanning

The DSi 6000 is a desktop optical scanner designed to scan 3-D dental impressions. The scanner enables scanning of the entire contour of the scanned object using a steering line. This is achieved by a mirror element, which directs the laser beam at various angles, ensuring accurate scanning of deep cavities. DSi 6000 scanner has 6 axes motion including 3 axes motorized holder that allows moving an object automatically to different positions, and therefore achieves better scanning results. For each scanning position and mirror a scan of the relevant surface is performed. After covering the entire object, the scan results are merged using mathematical processing of the cloud of points.

Medical Device Manufacturing Products