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Semiconductor Devices and Process Technology

MKS Handbook


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The Semiconductor Devices and Process Technology handbook presents the fundamental device physics, materials, and fabrication processes used to manufacture semiconductors, as well as the technologies, instruments, and equipment that are used to monitor, control, and automate the fabrication processes. This comprehensive 200+ page text was initially conceived as training material for our employees. As it has evolved, we want to share it with you, our customers, suppliers, and partners in the semiconductor industry at no charge, with the hope that you will find it informative and of some value to your work.


Office of the CTO

Josh Ding, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer, Flow Solutions

Atul Gupta, Ph.D.
Head of Technology, Plasma & Reactive Gas Solutions

Jim Kafka, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer, Lasers

John TC Lee, Ph.D.
Chief Operating Officer & Senior Vice President

Aaron Radomski
Chief Technology Officer, Power Solutions

Erik Saarmaa, J.D.
Chief IP Counsel, Intellectual Property

Eric Snyder
Vice President, Quality & Reliability

Philip Sullivan, Ph.D.
Fellow & Chief Technology Officer, Pressure & Vacuum Measurement Solutions

Robin Swain, Ph.D.
General Manager, Integrated Solutions Business

Eric Taranto
Vice President Analytical & Control Solutions & Integrated Solutions Business

Ruben Zadoyan, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer, Newport Products

Former CTO Members

Gerardo Brucker, Ph.D.
Chief Scientist, Pressure & Vacuum Measurement Solutions

Steve Walther, Ph.D.
former Chief Technology Officer, Plasma & Reactive Gas Solutions

Kevin Wenzel, Ph.D.
former Chief Technology Officer, Plasma & Reactive Gas Solutions

Peter Zemek, Ph.D.
former Chief Technology Officer, Process & Environmental Analysis Solutions

Contributing Editors

Shannon Whidden
TechLink Writers Group

Tom K. Whidden, Ph.D.
TechLink Writers Group

Special Thanks

Anne Devine
Graphic Designer

Jane Lawlor
Senior Marketing Specialist, Creative Design

MaryAnn Naddy
Senior Director, Corporate Marketing (retired)