MKS Instruments Handbook Second Edition
Semiconductor Devices and Process Technology

MKS Handbook


The 2nd edition of the Semiconductor Devices and Process Technology handbook is now available. The handbook was first published in 2017 and focused on the fundamental device physics, materials, and fabrication processes used to manufacture semiconductors. As the Semiconductor industry continues to push the boundaries of possibility, new materials and processes are needed to support smaller and more intricate device structures. The 2nd edition Handbook includes new chapters on plasma technology and advanced temperature measurement, as well as updates and more in-depth information on thin films, vacuum technology, ion implantation, thermal processing, deposition, etch, chemical mechanical polishing (CMP), lithography, wafer inspection, and CMOS device structures and process steps. Although it was initially created as an internal training source for our employees, the handbook has evolved into a go to technical resource for our partners and customers. We are proud to share this information with you.