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programmable automation controller
Programmable Automation Controller, PAC 100, Modbus TCP/IP Slave
programmable automation controller
Programmable Automation Controller, PAC 100, EtherCAT Slave


  • Processor
    ARM Cortex-M4, 100 MHz
  • Operating System
  • Internal RAM
    256 MB
  • Expandable Memory
    Micro SD, 1 or 2 GB
  • Dimensions
    35 x 125 x 92.3 mm (1.4 x 3.3 x 4.9 inches) (W x H x D)
  • Network Interface
    USB OTG, 1 x RJ45 (Ethernet) 10/100Mbits/s
  • I/O Interface
  • User Interface
  • Programming Languages
    LabVIEW, CWB, IEC61131-3 (with Ladder Logic, Structured Text, Function Block Diagrams, Instruction List, Sequential Function Charts, Software develop kit (SDK) option also available on MKS PACs to program in C/C++)
  • Code Space
    1 MB
  • Program Instances Per Resource
    Multiprog ExPRESS: 11
    Multiprog PRO: 1000
  • Project Tree Nodes
  • Program Instances per Task
    Multiprog ExPRESS: 15
    Multiprog PRO: 500
  • Included Libraries
  • Local Variables Per POU
    Multiprog ExPRESS: 1500
    Multiprog PRO: 15,000
  • Global Variables Per POU
    Multiprog ExPRESS: 5000
    Multiprog PRO: 30,000
  • Tasks Per Resource
    Multiprog ExPRESS: 5
    Multiprog PRO: 16
  • Number of Supported I/Os Per Project
    128 Kbytes
  • Number of POU per Project
    Multiprog ExPRESS: 256
    Multiprog PRO: 2000
  • I/O Groups
  • Project Tree Configurations
    Multiprog ExPRESS: 1/1
    Multiprog PRO: 100/100
  • Power Supply
    24 VDC
  • Operating Temperature
    0 to 50°C
  • Storage Temperature
    -40 to 85°C
  • Humidity
    5-85% (non-condensing)
  • Altitude
    Up to 2000 meters


Controls Workbench Software

Controls Workbench software is an integrated, customizable software application that is included with the MKS Automation Platform. The CWB is a central, powerful interface that provides users a simple, complete solution for device configuration along with the ability to view, data log, chart and export process data, perform manual process control, process troubleshooting, and advanced tuning of the MKS controllers (PAC 100, Communications Module, MultiTherm 2000 and MultiTherm 1000).

Access all MKS controllers simultaneously and from one central interface

IEC61131-3 Programming Environment

The MKS Automation Platform supports a variety of programming environments, depending on user experience and requirements. The most common programming application for the MKS Automation Platform is the IEC61131-3 programming environment. The IEC61131-3 programming software allows users to create their programs and recipes in a global standard, IEC compliant programming environment. Recipes and projects can be created via a number of different or any combination of programming languages, creating an extremely flexible and capability programming environment. The programming interface supports developing a project using Ladder Logic, Structured Text, Function Block Diagrams, Instruction List, or Sequential Function Charts

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