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multitherm 2000 temperature controller MultiTherm-2000 Process Temperature Controller, MultiTherm™


  • Type
    Modular Temperature Controller
  • Dimensions
    85 mm high (4.9 inches) x 124 mm deep (3.3 inches) x 35 mm wide (1.4 inches)
  • Network Protocol
    TCP/IP, ModbusTCP EtherCAT® Slave supporting PDO and Mailbox (CoE and FoE) Serial 115,200 baud rate - Shell command interface (not available currently)
  • Temperature Range
    0 to 850°C depending on type of sensor used
  • Channels
    8 sensor input channels supporting RTD's and Thermocouples
    RTD's (PT100, PT1000, 3-wire)
    T/C's (J, K, T, E, R calibrated)
    per Temperature Input Module
  • Accuracy
    ±0.8°C (typical TC's excludes sensor accuracy)
    ±0.1°C (typical RTD's excludes sensor accuracy)
  • Data Acquisition Speed
    10 - 625 ms (configurable)
  • Temperature Resolution
  • Repeatability
    Better than 0.1°C depending on sensor type and temperature range
  • Factory Calibration
    12 months typical, depending on sensor type, temperature range and required accuracy
  • Control Method
    Control via EtherCAT Master PID with auto-tuning
    Control via Modbus Master PID with auto-tuning
    Open loop manual control of outputs
    Model Based Control (optional)
  • Software
    EtherCAT Configurators (i.e. TwinCAT, KPA Studio) (not supplied with product)
  • Mounting
    DIN rail
  • Operating Temperature
    0 to +50°C
  • Humidity
    0-85 % RH, no condensation
  • Compliance


Precision Temperature Sensor Input Channels

The MultiTherm 2000 boasts precision sensor input channels, accepting RTDs, all thermocouple types, as well as voltage and current inputs. Highly configurable, fast acting PID or model base control makes the MultiTherm ideal for dynamic control applications where tight temperature stability is required. The unit is also capable of providing superior performance for tight coordination across multiple zones.

Controls Workbench Software

The MultiTherm 2000 can be configured, controlled, and monitored using the MKS Controls Workbench Software

The Controls Workbench software included with purchase can be downloaded from the MKS website to connect and control the MultiTherm product family. This powerful interface provides a simple, complete solution for device configuration along with the ability to view, data log, chart and export process data, perform manual process control, process troubleshooting, and advanced auto-tuning of the MKS controllers (PAC 1000, PAC 100, Communications Module, MultiTherm 2000 and MultiTherm 1000).

The benefits of using the CWB software with the MultiTherm product family include:

  • Ease of system configuration
  • Remotely configure and access all MKS controllers current simultaneously from one central interface
  • Perform data collection, logging, process monitoring, and data exporting
  • Create views and charts of all temperature zones from multiple MKS devices
  • Standard and advanced auto-tuning

Modularity & Scalability

The MultiTherm 2000 can be configured to meet the requirements of almost any application, ranging from standalone single zone temperature control all the way up to multi-zone (48+) applications while also supporting additional supervisory functions. Also, due to its modular architecture, the control system can be easily scaled up or down as temperature control requirements change.

The MultiTherm 2000 can be customized with various modules based on each application’s requirements. Below is a list of some of the MKS modules compatible with the MultiTherm 2000:

  • Standard Temperature Input Module – supports 8 RTD or Thermocouple (all TC and RTD types) inputs
  • Standard PWM Output module – supports 12 PWM outputs to external Solid State Relays (SSRs)
  • Analog Input/Output Module – supports 8 analog inputs and 4 analog outputs, supporting ±5V, 0–5V, ±10V, 0–10V, 4-20mA and 0-20mA
  • Digital Input/Output Module – supports 12 digital inputs and 12 outputs (0-24V)
  • Power module or power extender when additional power requirements are needed

The MultiTherm 2000 can be customized to meet any temperature control application

Connectivity & Communication

The MultiTherm 2000 can be utilized as a standalone temperature controller with direct programmability features or easily interfaced to an existing control system utilizing standard fieldbus connectivity.

The MKS Controls Workbench software application can be used to configure, perform auto-tuning, adjust temperature set points, provide process monitoring, create and monitor alarms, etc. The CWB can also be used to interface multiple MultiTherm 2000 (or any other MKS controllers) units from a single interface, which makes setup and programming of an entire plant or fab simple and seamless.

The MultiTherm temperature control family currently supports interfacing to a control system or a PC using Modbus TCP/IP or EtherCAT connectivity. While the Modbus TCP/IP interface provides a standard, commonly used control network, for most general temperature control applications, the MultiTherm’s EtherCAT connectivity is ideal for processes requiring precise repeatability

Key features include supervisory control options such as model based temperature control, cascading loops and PID gain scheduling. User friendly diagnostic features such as front panel LED indicators for individual channels and heater health monitoring minimize system down time.

The MultiTherm 2000 can be configured with many different types of modules, all available from MKS, including Temperature input, Current input, PWM output, Voltage output, and CT inputs. Each module is available in a compact, DIN rail mounted enclosure.

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