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ESI produces primarily laser-based manufacturing systems that enable material processors and electronic component manufacturers worldwide to optimize the production of flexible PCBs and interconnects, rigid HDI PCBs, and multi-layer-ceramic capacitors (MLCCs). ESI systems leverage 40 years of laser-material interaction expertise to help customers speed time-to-market for applications such as laser via drilling, IC packaging and high-volume chip testing.

ESI systems enable customers to drive innovation by incorporating new materials, advanced applications, and latest-generation laser technology into their production processes; helping them address an evolving set of customer requirements, meet aggressive production goals and better-control costs. Customers of ESI's market leading flex PCB processing solutions include the top 20 PCB fabricators worldwide. The world's leading electronic component manufacturers use ESI's component test systems to test millions of electronic components annually. ESI's applied laser technology provides manufacturers with greater flexibility and a higher degree of control, while enabling them to incorporate a wider range of materials into their production processes. These advantages provide higher production quality, increased throughput, and higher yields at a lower total cost of ownership.