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Traditional / waterfall

PTC Integrity is the only enterprise development lifecycle management solution that orchestrates all software development processes and manages all development artifacts, providing complete visibility into product development and comprehensive traceability across disciplines. Its single source of truth and flexible workflow enables organizations to leverage the structure and discipline of the Traditional Waterfall methodology to reduce cost, risk and cycle time while improving productivity and quality.

Global, market-leading engineering organizations choose PTC Integrity to support their traditional development teams because:

  • They want to streamline their lifecycle to deliver software faster and cheaper and minimize risk - The traditional lifecycle is often accused of creating "silos" that hinder communication and collaboration. The requirements team maintains requirements documents, which are translated by development into design specifications and by quality assurance into testing specifications. This reproduction of data is inefficient and it increases project risk as artifacts get out of sync. PTC Integrity provides a single source of truth for all artifacts. The requirements, test, design, and other specifications are created once and linked with named relationships. As artifacts are changed, the related artifacts are immediately identified as suspect, so team members both up and downstream know when artifacts need to be re-assessed and are always working with the most up-to-date information.
  • They want to improve the efficiency and accuracy of compliance - Compiling traceability matrices and other documentation required to demonstrate compliance usually takes key production personnel away from developing products for days or even weeks. PTC Integrity offers industry specific solutions out-of-the-box for standards such as ISO 14971, ISO 26262 and FDA and CE regulations that can expedite compliance and produce required documentation at a mouse-click
  • They want to react to change faster - The Waterfall approach to development is also accused of being rigid and unable to adapt to the rapid pace of change characteristic of software today. PTC Integrity's comprehensive, real-time traceability reduces the time required for cross-discipline impact analysis to a mouse-click, enabling management to make informed change request decisions and team members to understand the impact to their work immediately.
  • They want to improve customer satisfaction by delivering software more predictably - PTC Integrity provides reports, charts and dashboards at a mouse click that contain up-to-date metrics on project progress. Because PTC Integrity orchestrates all development artifacts and processes, it can provide key cross-discipline indicators, such as requirements-test coverage, without costly and time consuming compiling of data from multiple spreadsheets and standalone tools
  • They want to reduce their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) - PTC Integrity is a single solution for software development, not a collection of federated tools. This reduces the expense and complexity of using multiple tools across disciplines and eliminates the effort wasted in manually synchronizing data and maintaining brittle integrations between disparate tools and across silos. 

PTC Integrity's single source of truth approach is proven to improve team productivity and communication  for organizations using traditional methods. It enables them to collaborate more effectively and respond to change rapidly, thereby driving innovative products to market faster, more predictably and with reduced risk.

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