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Agile (Scrum)

Agile development practices are proven to reduce cycle times and costs and improve product quality. However, adopting agile practices across large organizations can be complex. Many of the guiding principles of Agile are difficult to achieve in today's software and system engineering organizations with large, globally distributed project teams and demanding compliance requirements.

PTC Integrity for Agile is a  market leading enterprise solution based on the Scrum framework that enables large engineering organizations to adopt Agile software development methodologies. PTC Integrity for Agile is designed to provide solutions for the most common challenges facing large organizations adopting Agile methods:

Project teams are too large for Agile and are not co-located 

PTC Integrity delivers enterprise level, real time communication and collaboration capabilities that facilitate cooperation within large teams. Built as a single solution, PTC Integrity manages all development processes and artifacts in a single data repository. With this single source of truth team members have real-time visibility into ongoing work, so they know immediately of changes being proposed or made by other team members, regardless of location.  Furthermore, project teams can filter their data using one or more parameters such as current release or sprint, to instantly narrow down the immense amount of data in a project to exactly what they need to know.

Agile reduces management visibility into project and product readiness 

Agile's minimalist approach to documentation and emphasis on short term planning and estimating is generally not acceptable when the customer is a third-party who requires scope and cost defined and requires components delivered by a specified date. PTC Integrity provides dashboards and reports with real-time metrics gathered automatically from development activities that can be rolled up to project and portfolio level dashboards and reports, delivering the visibility that management needs with the flexibility of Agile.

Compliance to standards and regulations requires traceability and documentation 

Agile's focus on reducing the amount of documentation carries with it an increased risk of being found non-compliant. Because PTC Integrity is a complete Global Software Development solution, rather than a standalone Agile tool, it orchestrates all software development processes and manages all development artifacts and records activities, approvals and decisions in a central audit-controlled repository. PTC Integrity provides the traceability and visibility required by auditors and can generate compliance reports at a mouse-click.

Mixed methods and hybrid processes

Not all organizations can follow the text-book Agile processes, and some areas within organizations may not be ready for Agile. PTC Integrity provides a proven, powerful and flexible process engine which can support an unlimited number of methodologies. Processes can be defined per project, or shared across multiple projects or departments. With its flexibility and ease of administration, PTC Integrity can also facilitate a gradual change to Agile methods from other frameworks.

Software Product Lines (SPL) 

Traditionally, organizations managed Software Product Lines (SPL) and Agile development as separate entities because their development philosophies appear to be incompatible. SPL requires up-front planning of a product's architecture and then  reusing this across a family of product variants. In Agile, however, the design decisions are delayed as long as possible.  However, the two approaches share a common goal in reducing time to market and increasing quality. PTC Integrity's flexible workflow management combined with its sophisticated reuse  capabilities enable enterprise organizations to leverage both techniques to reduce costs and time to market and increase quality.

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