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Videos - Testing and QA

Video - Systems Engineering with PTC
The opportunities available to companies that master systems engineering are wide reaching. You can turn managing complexity into a competitive advantage, accelerating innovation and engineering higher quality products. All the while, reducing product development lifecycle costs.
Video Clip - Tool Qualification in ISO 26262
PTC's Christoph Braeuchle and Prometo's Jurgen Belz describe the demands for tool certification required under ISO 26262, and how Integrity meets and exceeds these requirements.
Video Clip - An Example of Safety Management
PTC's Christoph Braeuchle demonstrates Integrity's ISO 26262 compliant hazard analysis and safety management with a fictional example.
Video Clip - What is Safety Management?
Prometo's Jurgen Belz describes what safety management means in terms of ISO 26262.
Video Clip - The ISO 26262 Safety Lifecycle
PTC's Christoph Braeuchle describes the ISO 26262 safety management components and lifecycle and how Integrity provides the traceability required for compliance.
Video Clip - Adapting Processes to ISO 26262
PTC's Christoph Braeuchle and Prometo's Jurgen Belz describe the changes required for ISO 26262 compliance and how Integrity manages this process within the V model.
Video Clip - What is ISO 26262 and How is it Applied?
Prometo's Jurgen Belz outlines what ISO 26262 defines and what manufacturers will need to do in order to comply.
PTC Integrity Test Management Overview Demo
A demonstration of PTC Integrity Test Management capabilities, including authoring, reuse, parameterization, test change management, traceability, planning, progress and execution.
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