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Videos - Requirements

Video - Addressing Product Innovation with Software
Organizations need to look for ways to tame the inherent and ever increasing complexity of software development.
Video - Driving Automotive Innovation with Software
With many vehicles having over 50 ECUs, today's automobiles are computers on wheels. Innovation is accelerating at an astounding pace driven primarily from the growth of electronics and software. These advances are positive for consumers, but add significant complexity for manufacturers raising many concerns including cost, time to market, quality and safety. Traditional development environments and ALM solutions can't solve these challenges driven significantly from the rise of software. See how Integrity, A PTC Product can uniquely overcome these challenges and speed innovation for automotive OEMs and suppliers.
Video - Systems Engineering with PTC
The opportunities available to companies that master systems engineering are wide reaching. You can turn managing complexity into a competitive advantage, accelerating innovation and engineering higher quality products. All the while, reducing product development lifecycle costs.
Video Clip - Architecting an Idea Management Solution
Ideation is about techniques, idea management is about a solution to capture ideas and turn them into viable product requirements. In this segment Mills Ripley, Customer Solutions Director at PTC, discusses these concepts and outlines the architecture for a proven idea management collaboration solution.
Video Clip - Improving Products through Ideation and Beyond
Building great products requires good idea management, but idea management alone does not guarantee great products. Product requirements must be managed, traced and tracked throughout the development lifecycle, so integrating idea management into a complete lifecycle management solution like Integrity is critical.
Video Clip - Using Integrity to Manage Ideas
Capturing ideas is just the beginning of creating a great set of product features. Analyzing, prioritizing, refining and estimating ideas are also critical to turning ideas in to innovative products. Integrity is a powerful platform for defining and managing product requirements.
Video Clip - The Strategic Value of Ideas
Developing economically viable products requires a clear understanding of the value as well as counting the costs. Being able to quickly visualize the sales and customer value of ideas allows product managers to quickly make decisions as to which ideas are most viable; Further grouping ideas into viable market opportunities transforms ideas into viable product requirements.
Video Clip - Ideation Drives Innovation
In this video segment Mills Ripley discusses how innovative products require innovative processes, including Idea Management. He talks about how one of our customers handled this and how the increase in software in products is changing how products are managed.
Video Clip - The Idea Management Portal Demo
When capturing ideas from customers, it is critical to foster a community that self manages ideas and scoring of the ideas. An idea management web portal is ideal to allow simple idea capture, rating, ranking, and collaboration.
Video Clip - Tool Qualification in ISO 26262
PTC's Christoph Braeuchle and Prometo's Jurgen Belz describe the demands for tool certification required under ISO 26262, and how Integrity meets and exceeds these requirements.
Video Clip - An Example of Safety Management
PTC's Christoph Braeuchle demonstrates Integrity's ISO 26262 compliant hazard analysis and safety management with a fictional example.
Video Clip - What is Safety Management?
Prometo's Jurgen Belz describes what safety management means in terms of ISO 26262.
Video Clip - The ISO 26262 Safety Lifecycle
PTC's Christoph Braeuchle describes the ISO 26262 safety management components and lifecycle and how Integrity provides the traceability required for compliance.
Video Clip - Adapting Processes to ISO 26262
PTC's Christoph Braeuchle and Prometo's Jurgen Belz describe the changes required for ISO 26262 compliance and how Integrity manages this process within the V model.
Video Clip - What is ISO 26262 and How is it Applied?
Prometo's Jurgen Belz outlines what ISO 26262 defines and what manufacturers will need to do in order to comply.
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