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Parameterized Testing

The testing organization within any business is constantly under pressure to ensure that the delivered product or system meets certain quality goals (stated nor not) and to validate this under critical time pressures.

Testing is often one of the last activities in a development or engineering cycle purely due to the nature of evaluating constructed systems, and all too often an insufficient amount of time is set aside to adequately perform the desired level of testing.

In order to rise to this challenge, testing teams are constantly prioritizing their work, evaluating risk and working with stakeholders to shift their testing efforts to the most pressing areas. One approach to solving this challenge of productivity is to look at ways we can make our test artifacts more persistent and reusable.

An example would be a company that wants to produce a line of digital wristwatches, each providing a slightly different set of features aimed at a different class of consumer. In this example we have three different watch models all built from the same product platform. The product line is called the Sports Watch and the following table describes the feature variance and the class of consumer being targeted.

parameterized testing table
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Parameterized testing places some unique demands on the testing tools and infrastructure. With the introduction of parameterization, tooling must be able to provide configuration management support, to adequately version, branch and baseline your test artifacts as they are reused. Change management control is also an important concept, ensuring any reused test artifacts are updated in a way that satisfies the entire product line.

parameterized testing screenshot 1
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parameterized testing screenshot 2
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parameterized testing screenshot 3
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Parameterization is a new concept which is available as part of PTC Integrity, the capability is available for Test artifacts, requirements artifacts as well as any other class of item.

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