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Test Management

Making Software Quality Assurance Part of the Entire Application Lifecycle

The accelerating amount of software in applications and devices, combined with delivery of multiple configurations or versions makes significant demands on test management. Complexity and volume must be consistently managed, or deadlines and quality are at risk. PTC Integrity's test management software helps enterprise level businesses maintain quality assurance.

Effective test management ensures the delivery of quality projects. All requirements must receive complete test coverage and issues discovered during testing must be accurately tracked, evaluated and resolved. This ensures the end product meets the stated requirements and meets acceptable functional and performance criteria.

PTC Integrity Test offers a completely integrated approach, where test management is an integral part of a continuous process connecting design, development, testing and deployment phases of the application lifecycle.


PTC Integrity helps QA answer pressing questions that impact the business:

  • Are we ready to ship?
  • What is the impact of requirements change on the test deficit?
  • What is the status of the defects found in testing? Are they still in development?
  • Are we testing against the most current requirements?
  • Where were these tests used before, and are they applicable to our current project?
  • How is our quality trending? Are we on-track to meet our software quality goals?


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