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Software Change Management

Intuitively manage change at a task level, and gain real time status on committed changes to the underlying configuration and intended changes that others are working on, allowing developers to make informed decisions and avoid conflict rather than resolve it. Developers can work at a higher level than individual file changes, improving visibility for both managers and developers.

Task oriented software change management is supported through Change Packages, which are first class containers for related sets of changes which make it easy for developers to manage the work in progress for a given task, and to keep such tasks distinct from one another. Task-level software change management avoids the problem of getting lost in the details of individual file changes. Transactional commits of tasks ensure consistent updates of configurations, reducing the chances of broken builds.

PTC Integrity allows workflow to control who is allowed to work on a task, and during which states of the workflow that work is permitted. Organizations can also enable enforceable reviews that ensures all changes are reviewed and approved before they are committed to the repository. Change Packages also simplify the propagation of changes from one branch of development to another, with built in support for conflict resolution and compensation for context differences via automated backfill of dependent changes.

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