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Software Change and Configuration Management

Manage and Control Code, Collaboration and Change

PTC Integrity enables organizations to develop and deliver software in a collaborative and agile manner. At the core of the PTC Integrity application lifecycle management platform are process-driven software configuration and software change management (SCCM) capabilities that deliver traceability and transparency over all activities and artifacts across the application lifecycle.


The PTC Integrity Solution provides complete source code management unifying software configuration management and software change management facilitating enhanced team collaboration and communication. Better coordination and collaboration across organizations leads to better productivity and superior quality. When you can eliminate waste and miscommunication, hand-offs between team members become efficient, accurate and timely. This in turn drives improved quality and drastically reduced cycle times.

With real-time lifecycle visibility, development teams can make well informed decisions and centralize planning, measurement and reporting efforts. Explicit support for software development best practices such as parallel development, refactoring and software reuse improves productivity and reduces time to market.


  • Drives greater productivity by enabling real-time global team collaboration
  • Improves team communication and visibility with task-based change management
  • Speeds time to market with comprehensive support for software reuse
  • Delivers greater visibility across roles, projects and the lifecycle with end to end lifecycle traceability
  • Enhances auditability by enforcing a consistent set of development processes across the lifecycle
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