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Requirements Configuration Management

Versioning, branching and baselines of requirements and requirements documents enables reuse of requirements assets at any point in the lifecycle and leverages investments across projects.

When looking to implement a complex reuse scenario, or even a system where requirements persist release after release, one must be able to identify significant points in that requirement’s evolution. In the development world, these significant points are called versions and variations on these versions are called branches. Although related, versioning and reuse are not the same and the concepts of versioning are often confused with that of reuse.

Reuse is a much broader concept and talks about sets of objects at a particular point in time and their relationship to other sets of objects. Again, in the development world, these ideas have been around for many years and will be familiar to many engineering or development organizations.

Requirements reuse provides organizations with the unique ability to share a requirement across projects without absorbing unnecessary duplication of artifacts within a repository.  This is a critical capability that accelerates time to market and cuts development costs.

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