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Requirements Change Management

Process and workflow, authorization and assignment controls who, what, when and where change happens, and communicates the impact of that change across the lifecycle to all involved.

Requirements management is the process of managing changing requirements during the requirements engineering process and through system development and release.  Often requirements are incomplete and inconsistent and of course new requirements emerge during the process as the business needs change and a better understanding of the system is developed. Different viewpoints, which also have to be considered as the project evolves, have different requirements and these are sometimes in conflict with those that were stated at the beginning of the project.

Regardless of the type of requirement you are working with, managing change to the set or any of the individual parts can and should be handled in a uniform fashion – one that automatically communicates the intent to change; controls the acceptance or approval of change; enables the analysis of the impact of the change; tracks the actual changes made and communicates the implemented change to all impacted or interested stakeholders.

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