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As part of an Intelligent ALM™ solution, our Requirements Management goes beyond simple capture to provide a solution that makes the discipline an interactive part of the application lifecycle. Reuse and requirements change management capabilities are coupled with real-time metrics and full traceability between customer requests and downstream requirements in a coherent ALM solution, leading to superior quality, full auditability and more rapid time-to-market.

Fostering collaboration between business users generating requirements, the developers and testers, Integrity keeps all stakeholders informed of changes to requirements throughout the development process. You can easily assess and address the impact of changes before they are implemented (across projects and product lines) to increase business agility, improve software quality and reduce project risk.

Requirements Authoring
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With Integrity, Requirements Management is no longer simply the starting point but becomes an interconnected part of the application lifecycle which interacts with development and test to release and beyond.

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