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Requirements Engineering

Product engineering organizations have an overwhelming need to solve the complex challenges of software-driven product development, facilitating innovation and faster time to market.

Requirements may be the most critical aspect of the software development cycle. Studies point to a more than 60% failure rate for software projects in the United States, with poor requirements as one of the top five reasons.

Studies also show a high percentage of project schedule overruns, with 80% due to creeping requirements. Managing requirements must be an integral part of an organization’s overall development process, and is vital to mitigating risk of cost overruns and delays on large development projects. 

Integrity’s Requirements Engineering Process
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PTC Integrity Solution for Requirements Engineering

Pragmatic requirements engineering demands a requirements management solution that can meet a myriad of specific needs across the organization.

Integrity is the only requirements engineering solution available today built as an extension of the application lifecycle. Integrity helps to drive shorter cycle times, superior quality and complete traceability.   Reuse and requirements change management capabilities are coupled with meaningful (and traceable) relationships to downstream code and testing assets, to ensure communication of change, conformance to customer and market requirements and compliance with applicable regulatory standards.


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