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Quality and Visibility

MKS Integrity takes a platform approach to managing process and workflow of the product development lifecycle and:

  • Enables collaboration, visibility and auditability with full lifecycle traceability
    See the status of your projects in real-time and automatically access decision making metrics from information mined from day to day activities within MKS Integrity. Information is collected across the lifecycle, across projects and products and over releases for a holistic view of development activity.
  • Delivers enforcement and security controls via process and workflow management
    Workflow, authorization and assignment capabilities control who, what, when and where change happens. Prevent unauthorized access and provide full audit trails and evidence of compliance while communicating the status and impact of change across the lifecycle to all stakeholders.
  • Synchronizes processes and activities across the development lifecycle
    Improve productivity through the automation and coordination of processes for requirements management, software change and configuration management, test management, defect management and release management.
  • Facilitates rapid innovation, speeds time to market and reduces costs without sacrificing quality
    Improve software quality and help the business meet time to market, competitive and compliance obligations by enabling end-to-end lifecycle traceability and multi-team geographic collaboration with coordinated process enforcement and visibility over all aspects of product or application delivery.
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