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Automated Verification

Fixing a defect in one release of a product only to have it resurface in another can result in critical business issues and the lack of acceptance of products within the market. Without traceability from the found defect to the requirement that drove the original work and from the defect to the test case which uncovered it can result in an open loop that exposes the business to exactly this possibility.

Defect verification across multiple products and product lines is a daunting and very often manual task. Verification and Validation managers spend an increasingly significant portion of time simply managing these defects and their linkages to other artifacts in the development lifecycle.

With Integrity you can close the gap by directly linking defects to testing activities & results, to requirements or to architecture components and by automating the creation of propagation items to ensure the defect is addressed across the product line. By implementing a process driven solution you will provide your teams with the ability to:

  • Eliminate incorrectly classified verifications
  • Reduce average time to drive a defect to a successful close across the product line
  • Provide end to end traceability from the Requirement through the coding activities to create it and the actual testing results
  • Reuse test results leveraging feature validation across other product variants
  • Perform defect density analysis across features and components
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