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Government IT leaders are seeking greater levels of agility and collaboration in their software development efforts, to facilitate large transformations within application development such as the move to SOA, adoption of agile methodologies, or the implementation of standardized processes.

At the same time, government is seeking to reduce IT complexity, protect critical software assets, and control costs.

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Integrity provides a range of capabilities for Government agencies and contractors. The Integrity application lifecycle management product provides a secure and scalable management platform to manage change across every size and shape of Government organization.

With Integrity for application lifecycle management, Government IT leaders and contractors gain real time information on the status of change across their entire application portfolio; streamlined collaboration across geographic and team boundaries and a platform that enhances efficiency, speeds innovation and meets today's agile development and compliance demands. Integrity is the only solution on the market today to provide complete application lifecycle coverage from requirements management to deployment of change to production via a single solution and architecture.

Integrity provides:

  • Single solution and platform supporting every phase of the application development lifecycle
  • Highly flexible process capabilities enabling support for agile and other development methodologies and maturity models
  • Support for application portfolio management, including real time metrics and trend for application development performance monitoring and project execution
  • Deep audit trails for compliance

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