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Quality through traceability, reuse and visibility

PTC understands that automotive companies must achieve high quality while controlling costs and time-to-market. High product quality is what customers expect, and product quality impacts the safety, reliability and profitability of any automotive product as well as the development company's reputation in the industry. However, today's highly competitive and global automotive market demands cost efficiency and the ability to move new products to market rapidly.

Automotive industry leaders have partnered with PTC for over 10 years to connect people together to drive quality. PTC has a proven record of delivering solutions to manage complex change and enable collaboration, traceability & transparency from product inception through realization.

At PTC, we believe that product quality corresponds to process quality. We focus on five strategies that most significantly affect both process and product quality:

  • Traceability - Full traceability across disciplines, artifacts, teams and product variants for precise impact analysis
  • Process management and improvement through support of international standards for development and engineering
  • Requirements driven development  - PTC Integrity provides a complete requirements management solution, including requirements change and configuration management, requirements traceability across all disciplines, authoring, requirements metric visibility, and requirements based test management
  • Development asset reuse - by reference, not copy and paste, greatly simplifying the tracking of issues and defects across product lines
  • Release Readiness Visibility - A single source of truth for development serves up real-time metrics to empower accurate decisions and eliminate bottlenecks across disciplines.
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