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ISO 26262 Compliance for Quality and Transparency

International standards such as ISO 26262, a new functional safety standard for the automotive industry, provide frameworks to improve company policies, practices and processes. Public perception and government regulations compel automotive development organizations to adhere to the relevant standards. While these standards are an opportunity to improve process and product quality and safety, they also impose risks to cost efficiency and development cycle time. The ultimate responsibility for compliance is the on the vehicle manufacturer. Thus a higher capability level in CMMI or Automotive SPICE and ISO 26262 compliance gives suppliers significant competitive edge.

Implementing standards can be time consuming and expensive. It has been estimated that complying to ISO 26262 may cost the automotive industry hundreds of millions of dollars. This is further complicated by the global and differentiated development environment of today's automotive industry - applying standards to processes and artifacts across multiple isolated systems and disciplines is a daunting task.

Automobile engineering companies have turned to PTC Integrity as a compliance solution certified by compliance certification bodies such as TÜV SÜD Automotive GmbH.  The following are examples of capabilities provided by PTC Integrity that have reduced the cost and the time required to implement and prove compliance:

  • Manage all assets and processes in a single data model, from requirements to test results, models and calibrations, and risks and mitigations
  • Manage end to end traceability of these assets and be able to show that every requirement has been validated and every risk has been mitigated
  • Ensure strict change management procedures are adhered to across all lifecycle assets
  • Automate and enforce compliance requirements for model driven development (MDD) providing trace-through model support

PTC has been a trusted partner to leading OEMs and suppliers in the automotive industry for more than ten years. Our customers have been able to reach and demonstrate compliance in the following standards quickly and efficiently:

  • Automotive SPICE (ISO/IEC 15504) –With the shift to a greater reliance on software for product innovation and differentiation, automobile engineering companies are turning to ISO/IEC 15504, otherwise known as Automotive SPICE, to improve the way that software is developed and as a means to evaluate the capabilities of potential suppliers. PTC has been a thought leader in software development for more than 10 years, and has provided custom software development process management solutions to major automotive engineering companies
  • ISO 26262 – Safety is one of the key issues of today's and tomorrow's automobile development. With the complexity, software content, and electronic implementation in today's vehicles, there are increasing risks of systematic failures that can lead to unsafe conditions. ISO 26262 is being developed to reduce risks by providing feasible requirements and processes
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